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We Care

Empower Parents with Autistic Children & Improve Family’s Quality of Life

We Care ™ Workshops provides virtual programs ranging from Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) workshops and Neurodevelopmental Disorders or Developmental Delays workshops for parents with children in need. Their autism parenting professionals will guide parents from the day they receive their children’s diagnosis to support a child’s development and progress. Apart from offering evidence-based resources and information, parents are able to share thoughts in a supportive environment with other parents and professionals.

How We Help?

  • SEO
  • Website Design & Development


Our Challenges & Goals

With an aim in mind to reach the online crowd and promote their workshops made for parents with autistic children, We Care ™ Workshops has requested our help to build an official website. First, they wish to have a new website with straightforward information about what they do and how they empower parents with children in need of paediatric assistance. Then, they want to add registration e-forms on the homepage and registration page. Finally, with a new website at hand, they wish to expand their online audience base further with our SEO expertise, broadening their reach in the search engine to reach more people.

How We Helped

Mockup display of We Care website on multiple devices

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The We Care ™ Workshops team hopes that parents or guardians can access the necessary information about the upcoming virtual workshops on the website. As a result, we support their needs to serve more online crowds with our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services. We utilized SEO-friendly and location-based keywords so that parents or guardians who seek help in autism parenting can quickly locate We Care ™ Workshops on the search engine. In addition, our team amended the website content accordingly and took in all factors that affect their website’s visibility.

screenshot of we care workshops website

Website Design & Development

Our team has developed a clean-looking website alongside organized sections and subpages. Instead of jamming all the information into one landing page, we created a website with easy-to-locate subpages, so that site visitors can find what they need instantaneously. Moreover, we have gone through the on-page optimization in this new website. Apart from SEO-friendly keywords, our team looked into aspects such as page responsiveness and the website’s overall speed as well. In addition, on the creative side, we have incorporated light colours here and there, so site visitors can focus their attention on important information in certain sections.

The Outcome

We Care ™ Workshops currently possesses a new website, where information on their workshops is made for children with autism, neurodevelopmental disorders, or developmental delays. In addition, parents or guardians can reach out whenever they like, as there is an e-form for them alongside a section to fill in the questions they have in mind. Moreover, transparency can be seen throughout this website from us. Site visitors can find out the registration price for three sessions of workshop programs. Other than that, parents or guardians are able to read through the profile of all the involved professionals of We Care ™ Workshops. A page that showcases the advocates for autism spectrum transformation exudes trust, thus bringing in more families for them to serve and support.

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