Banner Design

We create banners that bring impact to your brand, leaving good impressions among your crowd whilst effectively communicating your messages.

How This Service Empowers Your Brand

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Connect with Customers

Strategic storytelling all from one physical banner and evoke emotional experience among your target audiences or passers-by. A piece of quality banner print with expressive imagery and copy allows audiences to understand what message you wish to deliver all in one place. It is time to leave a lasting impression and stand out on any occasion, such as tradeshow events.

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Spread Brand Identity

It is vital to keep your core messages crystal clear in your printed banner. For instance, when it comes to promoting your products or services, concentrating on how you can help people helps a lot whilst missing it up with eye-catching designs. Also, being unable to showcase a concise main point on your banner causes passers-by to feel confused.

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Attract Passer-bys Eye

Bring together colour palettes and typography that catch eyes from afar. A cluttered banner causes unwanted distractions among target audiences when you promote how you can help them. Practical use of white space and a clean banner layout connect with customers much more efficiently.

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Save Company’s Budget

A physical banner in all shapes and sizes is one of the most effective yet cost-saving marketing tools for a brand. Target customers, especially those who appreciate straightforward presentations, can easily view everything at a glance. It is definitely money well spent, and the amount you invest will be returning to you shortly from consumers.

Execution & Banner Design

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D-1 Discover

Find out what we can offer to you alongside our previous banner works that made us proud of our team. Let’s dive deep and talk about your upcoming campaign you wish to promote with the help of a physical banner. And from there, we will take notes on the required size and types of banner you wish to display in the coming days.

D-2 Discussion

Our strategic planner, designer and writer come together as a team in planning out the mood board for your banner. Discussions on layout, colours, typography and keywords made it easy for people who are involved in the designing phase. It is crucial to talk about every detail that represents you and can create lasting impressions among passers-by.

D-3 Design

From what we have compiled from you and the discussion team, designers crack on to craft an eye-catching yet informative banner. They ensure that what you need is aligned with what your target audiences will mostly draw to. In order to stand out among the banners and easy among the eyes, we ensure that all the elements are in harmony with each other.

D-4 Develop

We will send over our drafted banner design that exudes your brand identity after quality assurance is done from our side. You may request revisions or amendments in this final draft, and we will get on with it. It is our pleasure to be part of this campaign journey and support you via our banner design expertise.

D-5 Dissect

It is up to you whether you want our help to send the final banner design file to a fabrication company or a printing service company. Depending on your needs and timeline, you get to choose the types of materials for your physical banner. Please let us know if you need only the digital banner design file so you can get it printed ASAP.

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