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PalmGold Management

Taking the Management of Recreation Facilities to New Heights

PalmGold Management Sdn Bhd is the management team of PalmGold Corporation Sdn Bhd, involved in licensed slots trading and operation in Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Their line of work is categorised as the management and operation of recreation facilities, with ten clubs currently located around Peninsular Malaysia. With a vision in mind to make themselves the very best in the gambling and casino industry, PalmGold Corporation Sdn Bhd provides full-range specialities that include slots club management and slots club operations. 

How We Help?

  • Website Design & Development

Our Challenges & Goals

In need of a voucher generating system, PalmGold Management Sdn Bhd asked for our help in Website Design and Development. This new website from us is made for internal use and will only be available among employees and not the public. It is a hub where in-house employees are able to generate, update and look into the latest status of a voucher. 

How We Helped

Mockup display of Palm Gold Corporation's website on computer monitors

Website Design & Development

From the white and gold colour of PalmGold Management Sdn Bhd’s logo, we have designed a website with web pages in both white and gold colours as well. In addition, our IT team came up with an organised voucher generating system, where users are able to generate vouchers by choosing the branch, quantity and value of the vouchers from a drop-down menu options design. Moreover, our client’s employees are able to access the report archives to track and trace all vouchers’ status.

The Outcome

Today, PalmGold Management Sdn Bhd’s employees or anyone with authority to access it can log in to the website and import, search, or edit the vouchers singularly or in bulk. In addition, they can refer to report archives and search for the latest information according to the branch they wish to look into. Most significantly, our IT team has come up with a way to ensure that a QR code will be generated along with one voucher imported, which means that every voucher in the system has a one-and-only QR code.

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