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ITD World

Transforming Leaders and Changing the World for the Better

ITD World is a group of global talent and leadership development experts founded in 1984 to develop and enrich the lives of leaders through training, action learning, coaching, mentoring, consulting, competency certification and seminars.

Ultimately, ITD World’s vision is all about people. The truly shared meaning behind ITD World’s torch goes beyond global excellence, it’s about uplifting and bringing ‘light’ to people’s lives and helping individuals, organizations and nations attain their aspirations. It is about fulfilling dreams of building a happier and better world.

How We Help?

  • Website Design & Development


Our Challenges & Goals

Our strong partnership with ITD World began when ITD World needed our assistance to create assessment tools to improve their company’s leadership as well as an efficient internal system that would help the daily tasks of the company. This came with the added challenge of monitoring the system for faults and data performance, as well as resolving issues with the website’s security.

How We Helped

Website Design & Development

Kode Digital has assisted ITD World to create an e-assessment tool (for instance, a page of questionnaires for team members to assess their leaders) using front-end and back-end functions as well as their intranet.

On the front-end functions of the e-assessment, leaders and talents may view the number of e-assessments they have to access, save incomplete questionnaires, receive a link of their report after being assessed, print the report and view comments. This, when combined with refining the page layout and content, help to improve the site’s SEO and online discoverability. As we build the back-end functions for ITD World, we have taught ITD World how to navigate these tools and hence admins of ITD World may create their own assessment templates, edit questionnaires, edit and schedule emails and invitations, reminders to talents to complete their assessments as well as viewing comments and assessment reports of their project.

Other than that, Kode Digital has helped ITD World with their intranet by creating an internal system for their employees to perform their daily tasks such as the punch in and out the clock, schedule events and add onto employees’ calendar, leave management system, add and edit certification programmes, track customers and organizations and generate invoices. We have also developed different page access for leaders of multiple user roles depending on their departments like financial department, human resource department, centre-admin, and admin. This also meant creating new pages for the company’s certifications and expert insights as provided to us by their design team.

We are also assigned as their support team to support their daily IT queries. To do this, we regularly update the PHP and core versions on their website as well as perform weekly backups of their data to reduce the risk of data loss or accidents.

The Outcome

With an easy to use e-assessment tool and efficient internal system built-in in ITD World, we are glad to share that these tools and systems have greatly expanded and advanced the way ITD World delivers innovative result-based solutions to leaders of the world. With our ongoing partnership with ITD World, we hope to continue to develop their platform and make it the best it can be, while also helping to give back to their clientele.

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