Branding & Collateral Design For A Malaysian Logistics Company

World Commerce Freight System

World Commerce Freight System Sdn Bhd

World Commerce Freight System Sdn Bhd is a logistic company with over 10 years of establishment providing their highest-level quality of services such as International Airfreight / Seafreight Freight Forwarding, Domestic Airfreight / Seafreight Freight Forwarding, Domestic Transportation / Cross Border Transportation, Customs Brokerage Services, Port Services, Project / Heavy lift Cargo Handling, Fair & Events, Warehouse & Distribution, Export / Import Consulting Solutions, Trans-shipment, Manpower support and Chemical Logistics.

Kode Digital Experts Services has helped our client revamp their website, allowing their potential customers to easily understand their services at first glance. For potential customers to easily understand their services, we have added a video banner, a timeline animation of their company and more graphics instead of text into the World Commerce’s website, making their site more interactive.

The target audience for the website are the middle-aged. The font and colours used on the website must be big and readable for their target audience.

How We Help?

  • Branding
  • Collateral Design


Our Challenges & Goals

World Commerce Freight Services (WCFS) approached us to assist them with redesigning and rewriting their business portfolio. The existing portfolio lacked an in-depth explanation of the client’s services that they wanted and needed to properly convey their services and qualifications to potential clients. To rectify this, Kode Digital was tasked with expanding upon the design of the original portfolio in order to make it more comprehensive and descriptive for clients.

How We Helped


To better represent the client’s services and business model, some sections had to be redesigned and rewritten to make better use of the available space and explain their services in more marketable ways. This required further research into the client’s service details and an overall restructuring of portfolio content to tell a more cohesive story. With this accomplished, the client’s portfolio could act as a better exploration of their service for customers.

Collateral Design

The portfolio restructuring process required new visuals and updating existing visual elements to showcase the client’s services and complement the writing. Some of these visuals were suggested and provided by the client, but we still needed to take the initiative and search for related and relevant images that suited the client’s style. As the client was already satisfied with the layout and design of the original portfolio, Kode Digital only had to replicate the design for the additional slides and redesigns.

The Outcome

The copywriting and design were revised multiple times to ensure our version of the client’s portfolio matched their business parameters. Eventually, Kode Digital was able to produce an updated portfolio that improved upon the design and function of the original. This writing of the new portfolio is clearer and better explains what clients can expect from WCFS and their service capabilities. The design additions and the additional pages to the portfolio help convey this idea to potential clients.

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