Google Ads / PPC

We are able to track and trace your advertisement results with Google Ads or PPC Advertising easily and at the same time you can control the costs according to your budget.

How This Service Empowers Your Brand

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Boost Website Visits

Drive the relevant traffic and the right audience to your brand website as our PPC service is a hyper-targeted demographic. We bring target customers to your official site once they intend to find what you offer for them. With site visitors who possess firm buying intention to stay longer on web pages, you get to outrank competitors and enhance the ROI.

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Save Time & Money

As one of the fastest ways to grow your brand, you only have to pay when somebody clicks on the PPC ads that appear alongside related search results, not per appearance of them. This is a go-to strategy for a lot of companies that wish to see rapid developments in a mere one week or so if done right.

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Enhance Brand Awareness

Let’s amplify your brand’s voice in the digital marketing world without the need to search for target audiences. The site visitors found you indirectly via search results without the intention to search for you directly. PPC produces desired brand recognition, leaving them with a strong connection with your brand.

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Drive Sales & Leads

With eye-catching designs and engaging copies that complement your already-amazing products, intrigue them even further with PPC and get more eyes on you! Maximize your revenue as a more potential customer coming through from search engines once we target the age, gender, geographic area accurately for you.

Execution & Google Ads / PPC

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D-1 Discover

This phase consists of connecting with you and understanding your objectives of PPC. Our team will audit any of your existing Google Ads related accounts and ensure all are linked and are in correct configurations. In addition, we listen attentively to your desired result and challenges in reaching target audiences who expressed interest in your brand.

D-2 Discussion

We review and analyse your competitors as part of our plan to find effective ways to win consumers’ hearts. We involve ourselves in extensive keyword research, finding practical terms that match you with site audiences’ searches. Our in-depth planning when it comes to creatives can bring your brand the best results via the digital world.

D-3 Design

Our passion is to create PPC ads that align with your business objectives. With our pre-planned approach set in phase D-2, our in-house creative team pinpoints the terms and imagery that potential customers will engage with the most. Then, maximise growth with our thumb-stopping one-liners alongside innovative designs that best describe your brand.

D-4 Develop

There’s room for improvement in life, so does our PPC campaign for you. We keep tabs on the conversion, and at the same time, look into adverts that deliver fewer results. And with that, our team will increase relevant keywords if required whilst ensuring you get the best value from your investment.

D-5 Dissect

Get updated on your latest successes alongside areas for improvement in the future. Our transparent approach in our PPC services made us what we are today, giving your brand organised KPI reports for easy track-and-trace on your side. We are with your brand every step of the way and continue to enhance your online presence.

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