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Sandilands Condominium

The New Meaning of Sophisticated Living

Sandilands Condominium provides every homeowner with modern yet sustainable living with a strategic location close to major roads and a myriad of lifestyle conveniences. The design ethos of Sandilands Condominium incorporates the international green best practices whereby the building materials used and site management are both sustainable. Homeowners are able to experience the heritage and rich traditions of Penang within walking distance from Sandilands Condominium that is surrounded by the George Town World Heritage Site (WHS).

How We Help?

  • Content Writing
  • PPC
  • Website Design & Development


Our Challenges & Goals

Besides their passion for building an oasis to fulfil homeowners’ modern living, Sandilands Condominium sustainable architectures deliver an important message for the community to live sustainably and eco-consciously. With numerous competitors of residential projects in Penang, Sandilands Condominium comes to us and seeks our help to promote their remaining units with spectacular views and unparalleled access to lifestyle conveniences. They wished to generate potential leads through the power of digital marketing, exposing them to a larger crowd and online audiences.

How We Helped

Sandiland Cloud 9 website design mockup

Website Design & Development

We gave Sandilands Condominium a high-converting and detailed landing page with an e-form for registration of interest. This clean and classy landing page summarizes all their unique selling points, granting site visitors or potential customers access to everything they needed to know about this luxury and modern condominium. We have highlighted their strategic location, floor plans, facilities and other important information that supported their selling process, portraying this dream oasis as a connected and lavish place to reside in.

Content Writing

We utilise the power of words to convey the welcoming identity and modern living vibe of Sandilands Condominium, giving them a boast of their key selling points. Our compelling writings provide a layer of sophistication that successfully echoed their deluxe modern living. Besides, we promote its interconnectedness so that future residents will have an idea about the strategic location of this condominium. From there, we inspire and excite our target audience further by highlighting the rich tradition and heritage around the premises of Sandilands Condominium that will let them cut through the crowded property market in Penang.

Google Ads / PPC

Nothing beats Google Ads or Pay-per-click (PPC) advertisement modes when it comes to reaching targeted audiences and lead generation. It is part of the digital marketing strategy we brought for the Sandilands Condominium as it is an easy way to drive more traffic to the landing page and increase brand awareness among the online community. Our Google Ads or PPC service is fully adaptable to our client’s needs in gaining them consistent online growth and stand out from their competition.

The Outcome

Our digital marketing and advertising solution for Sandilands Condominium offers them an opportunity to drive quality leads and bloom online. Our strategy of fusing creativity and media platforms has provided them with a boost in the enquiry rate from potential customers and drive sales outcomes.

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