Calendar Design

We produce companies’ calendars that you can give to potential clients and audiences as a gift, bringing the receiver convenience during date referencing.

How This Service Empowers Your Brand

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Create Brand Awareness

Besides leaving potential or existing customers with good impressions, having a calendar with great design allows your brand to be imprinted in their minds. They will look forward to your following calendar in the coming years, uniquely creating brand trust and loyalty.

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Act as Brand Reminder

A calendar with an impressive design increases the chances for potential or existing customers to place it in their humble abode or on their work desk. Increase your service recall by adding contact information and social media platforms as well.

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Compile Brand’s Information

Speaking of contact details, you can include other information such as products or services alongside related images. This will remind potential or existing customers about what you do and how to help them.

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Drive Sales & Leads

Once your potential or existing customers are reminded about your brand’s expertise, the visual communication via calendar can promote sales for your brand effectively. In addition, the calendars’ aesthetics play vital roles in inspiring credibility and trust for your products.

Execution & Calendar Design

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D-1 Discover

Let us know the theme for your calendar for the upcoming year to have consistent pages throughout the calendar. The theme can really set the overall look that suits your needs as well as what your potential or existing customers are drawn to the most.

D-2 Discussion

Once the theme is confirmed, we brainstorm for essential elements, which we can place amid the calendar pages. Expect a draft from us before we proceed with designing work for every page with a fresh and clean layout.

D-3 Design

As we compiled necessary materials such as your brand logo and pictures from you, our design team crafts the calendar according to what you are looking for. Consistent is vital throughout the pages besides the layout of the calendar.

D-4 Develop

If you need a mockup to see how the calendar looks physically, do let us know and we shall provide you with a mock up with our designs. Just in case you change your mind on certain pages, do let us know and we will get on with it with the amendments.

D-5 Dissect

It is your decision to seek your own printing company to produce the physical calendar or rely on us. We can provide you with the calendar design in the digital file. However, remember that it is best to seek our service as early as possible to avoid rushing.

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