Instagram Stories Filters

We craft AR marketing strategy alongside creative designs for Instagram stories filters that complement your brand, allowing you to connect with your crowd in a fun way.

How This Service Empowers Your Brand

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Enhance Online Engagement

Multiplying effect on shareability can be seen when social media users stumbled upon your Instagram filters when someone they know is using it. This ripple effect, alongside the interactive nature of Instagram Stories filters, increases your brand’s online engagement.

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Heighten Brand Awareness

As more and more people use your Instagram Stories filters, more IG users will hop over to your Instagram feed and get to know more about your brand. It is truly a game changer when it comes to promoting brand image in the social media ecosystem.

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Promotes Users’ Generated Content

With an increase in user-generated content via Instagram Stories filters, you can expect a boost in your brand’s credibility. Since all Instagram Stories are available to view for 24 hours in the IG stories tab, it is content that promotes your brand FOC!

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Multiple Use & Purpose

Some brands take advantage of the Instagram Stories filters features and organise campaigns that everyone can join to win prizes. It is definitely a creative use of IG filters in attracting more engagement with attractive prizes.

Execution & Instagram Stories Filters

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D-1 Discover

Let’s talk and connect as we learn more about your brand. We will discuss what kinds of creative assets your brand is looking for in creating the IG Stories filters. Feel free to show us some examples of the filter you think suits your campaign best.

D-2 Discussion

Our design team comes together and gathers inspiration that catered to your campaign needs before we hop over to the designing phase. We brainstorm bold and creative ideas, compiling what we thought of for designers’ references.

D-3 Design

We go above and beyond in crafting one-of-the-kind Instagram Stories filters that thrill your existing followers as well as new ones. Our designers design with your fans in mind so that it attracts them with ease among all the competitors’ IG Stories filters.

D-4 Develop

Our team passed around the mobile devices so that everyone could test the new Instagram Stories filter out. This quality assurance and cross-device testing allow us to make more improvements with the face tracing feature.

D-5 Dissect

We understand your desire to want something that reflects your brand perfectly. Thus, suggestions are always welcome, such as elements you wish to add on throughout the IG stories filters. Once it’s all done and finalized, we will upload it for you!

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