Google Ads Training

Learn how to track and trace your advertisement results with Google Ads or PPC Advertising easily. Reduce your advertisement spending and market your business to the right audience by understanding Google metrics and audience trends.

How This Service Empowers Your Brand


Boost Website Visits

Drive the relevant traffic and the right audience to your brand website with advanced knowledge of one of the largest advertising platforms in the world. Bring target customers to your official site by convincing them of the quality of your business. With site visitors who possess firm buying intention to stay longer on web pages, you get to outrank competitors and enhance the ROI.


Save Time & Money

As one of the fastest ways to grow your brand, knowing how to set up and manage Google Ads is a skill in high-demand for digital marketers. This is a go-to strategy for a lot of companies that wish to see rapid developments in a mere one week or so if done right.


Enhance Brand Awareness

Amplify your brand’s voice in the digital marketing world without the need to search for your target audience. Learn how to create ads that target a specific audience and how to make sure they see those ads.


Grow Your Knowledge

Learn how to create and view reports, track campaigns and ad groups, set up account linking, set budgets and bids, and more. Gain the skills needed to effectively optimise advertising campaigns across all devices, and gain new knowledge that helps improve your work efficiency.

Become A Google Advertising Expert

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D-1 Discover

This phase consists of connecting with you and understanding your objectives of Google ads. Our team will teach you the ins and outs of creating and managing Google Ads, and what the best way to employ them are. In addition, our team will customise each lesson based on your desired results, as well as allow you to test your knowledge in real-world business situations.

D-2 Discussion

We review and analyse your performance to better understand what you are able to learn from us and what you need more help to learn. Our inter-personal discussions and reviews of your needs allows you to give us feedback on how we can help you achieve your goals with our training.

D-3 Design

Kode Digital believes in designs that excel in both form and function. With our pre-planned approach set in phase D-2, our in-house team will help you develop a professional sense for ad designs. Then, learn how to churn out catchy headlines alongside innovative designs that give your ads weight.

D-4 Develop

There’s always room for improvement. Develop and improve your Google Ads skill with us and our comprehensive training program. Once you have a handle on the basics, we’ll take you through the advanced and in-depth lessons on all things Google Ads to turn you into a pro.

D-5 Dissect

Get a clear set of aims and objectives to meet at the end of your time with us. We outline the learning goals of our training programmes so that you know going in what you can expect to learn and how your time with us will be spent. This will help clarify not only what we can do for you, but how you yourself can grow as an individual.

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