Google Display Network

We display your advertisements on external third-party websites with lower cost per clicks with a greater audience reach.

How This Service Empowers Your Brand

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Reach New Traffic

Leverage the vast reach of global internet users and capture the attention of new crowds who are browsing multiple sites or platforms. We help you to catch the eyes of target site visitors with appealing copy, graphic, and formats of your Google Display Network advertisement, connecting with them in this ad-blindness digital world without hassle.

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Save Time & Money

Avoid going over budget whilst accessing your target audiences in specific sites that you wish to promote your brand daily. Google Display Network advertisement is favoured primarily due to its cheaper clicks, and reach audiences who are more likely to be interested in your products and services.

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Boost Brand Awareness

With our extensive research when it comes to your target audiences, we present your preferred Google Display Network advertisement in text, image or video. Capture their attention and let them be aware of who you are or what you can straightforwardly offer for site visitors.

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Measure Your Success

It should be no surprise that Google Display Network advertisement allows you to view successes via detailed reports provided by Google. You and your team can learn about all the ups and downs of each ad, providing greater insight when it comes to what’s working and what’s not.

Execution & Google Display Network

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D-1 Discover

Here’s the moment of truth. We are keen to know more about the objective of your brand’s desire to be involved in Google Display Network advertisement. Together, we will engage in productive conversation, throwing brilliant ideas that capture the eyes and heart of your target crowd.

D-2 Discussion

As a team, we research and identify the potential buyers’ personas you wish to target. It is vital to understand your target customers in-depth before kicking off the Google Display Network advertising campaigns. In the course of this planning phase, we come up with the core message that resonates with potential customers.

D-3 Design

As soon as our creative team gathers the information from content targeting research in phase D-2, they offer creative Google Display Network advertisements in multiple formats alongside innovative creativity. Applying what we have researched enables the end-product to bring maximum click-through rates.

D-4 Develop

In the midst of the ongoing Google Display Network advertising campaign, we monitor placements that are not as effective and need further attention. This evaluation allows our team to understand your brand’s favoured demographics better. In addition, we are able to track the incoming conversions of this campaign.

D-5 Dissect

We work closely with you and your brand to ensure you keep up with all the finished, ongoing and future Google Display Network advertising campaigns. So expect a detailed yet straightforward report from us. And with that, you will have a clear idea of fundamental metrics such as the number of clicks or the cost per conversion.

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