What are Microsites & Campaign Websites?

A microsite is an extension of your current site, which may share the same theme as your main website. It can be employed to launch a series of products for a short-term promotion or as a dedicated website for a brand aiming to engage a specific audience over the long term. Additionally, microsites are valuable for anticipating upcoming events, ensuring a smooth and user-friendly digital experience.

These platforms are designed for seamless functionality on any platform. Embrace the versatility of microsites to enhance your digital presence for customers, stakeholders, and employees, all in one convenient location.

Alternatively, a campaign website offers a tailored and user-friendly online experience designed around your product or campaign. Whether you’re initiating marketing campaigns or executing outreach strategies, these websites provide an optimal solution.

With the option for a brand new sitemap and copywriting that hones in on the product or campaign, these platforms are adaptable to your needs. Embrace the flexibility of campaign websites to enhance your digital presence and foster novel connections with your audience.

Most Microsite’s come with a number of utilities that make them a useful asset to any business, including:

Our Microsite & Campaign Web Development Services:

We offer up-to-date and digitally efficient designs for microsites and campaign websites, catering to the needs of our clients. Our microsite and campaign web development services are designed to create an engaging experience for site visitors. These include:

Site Extension

Our specialty is crafting tailor-made microsites as seamless extensions of your primary business website. This approach facilitates the integration of design and functionality with your main site or exploring a completely divergent direction.

Flexible Microsite Design

Our developers are skilled at designing campaign-based websites that can be easily adapted and repurposed for future events. Depending on the client’s budget, we can integrate animations and cutting-edge technologies, such as Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), to enhance the user experience.

Progressive Web App Conversion

Our service offers the added advantage of microsites that can be converted into Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). This allows users to easily ‘Add it to their homescreen’ on mobile devices, enabling convenient access anytime.

Engaging Website Flow

Our service optimises user interactions, strategically incorporating numerous Call-to-Action (CTA) prompts to encourage immediate engagement and purchase decisions.

Quality Assurance Testing

We follow an agile approach and perform comprehensive testing to guarantee a successful launch. This is to help debug your microsite and create a streamlined experience.

Site Maintenance Packages

We provide maintenance packages for microsites and campaign websites to ensure long-term functionality and compatibility through optional site maintenance and repair.

How this Benefits You?

Our microsite developers bring a combination of technical expertise and future-ready solutions to the table.


Enhanced Online Presence

Extending your website with new campaign microsites can create a wider online footprint, improving your brand’s visibility and attracting a larger audience. This enhanced online presence increases engagement and interactions, improving brand recognition and customer retention.


Targeted Design

A well-structured sitemap and carefully curated copywriting can effectively emphasise your products or campaigns, ensuring your message resonates with your target audience. This targeted design approach optimises user engagement and enhances the likelihood of conversions, ultimately driving sales and revenue growth.


Parallel Branding

Opting for new branding on the campaign microsite enables the creation of a distinct and cohesive brand identity that aligns with your overall marketing strategy. This parallel branding strategy helps reinforce brand recognition, instil trust, and establish a consistent brand image across all marketing channels.


Optimised Web Flow

Strategically optimising the website flow by integrating prominent Call-to-Action (CTA) prompts can effectively guide users. Streamlining the user journey and simplifying the buying process can significantly increase the conversion rate and boost overall sales performance, resulting in a more efficient and profitable online platform.


Unique User Experience

Introducing engaging animations like Augmented Reality (AR) or Virtual Reality (VR) elements can offer users a unique and immersive digital experience. This interactive and visually appealing interface captivates users and creates a lasting impression. It fosters stronger customer engagement, satisfaction, and brand loyalty.

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