We are Kode.

Started from the Bottom, now we are here...

Like a proud mama-hen, we KODERS have been hatching out-of-the-box online content since the good ol’ 2018. We handle all things digital marketing that amplifies your brands voice, because it is what we do best.


In this endless-evolving world, there is one thing that remains constant – our PASSION.

Our Passion that drives our Missions forward.

We elevate your brand's presence by digitizing your story.


We help Malaysian businesses to grow and meet the ever-increasing demands of our economy.


We get your content through the noisy digital jungle in order to maximize your impact online.


We guide your businesses along every step of your digital transformation journey to share your 3S – Stories, Services and Stuffs (your products).


We help Malaysian Businesses to grow and meet the ever increasing demands of our company.

We bring ideas to life across every space, time and screen.

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KODE's Bests & Brightests

“Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno”

All for one and one for all. We KODERS serve amazing Clients with dedicated works we are proud of.




The Man
With The Plan

Portrait of Kode Digital's sales and marketing director Willy


“With a mind for technology and business, Willy leads the charge in building Kode’s future.”

The Traffic Police

Portrait of Kode Digital's project director Xian


“The glue that holds our system together.”

The Overseer

Portrait of Kode Digital's senior digital marketing executive Harry


“A professional in modern digital marketing, with both foresight and insight in the industry.”

The Reformist

Portrait of Kode Digital's digital marketing executive Nina


“An inquisitive renegade, with a mind built for lateral-thinking.”

The Rooster

Portrait of Kode Digital's content copywriter SK


“Soft-spoken, broad vocabulary.”

Cool With It

Portrait of Kode Digital's graphic designer JT

Jiunn Terng

“Design sense so sharp, you could use it as a knife.”

Guardian Angel

Portrait of Kode Digital's graphic designer Effie


“No detail too small, no task too great.”

The minimalist

Portrait of Kode Digital's multimedia and graphic designer Ce Xiang

Ce Xiang

“Built on blood, sweat, tears…mostly sweat.”

A Shooting Star

Portrait of Kode Digital's multimedia and graphic designer Ad


“Sees the true potential of modern digital art and multimedia.”

The Strong,
Silent Type

Portrait of Kode Digital's web developer Farid


“Building the foundation of our enterprise.”


Portrait of Kode Digital's marketing intern Husna


“Building an extensive work resume.”

The Sucker

Robot Vacuum


The Connoisseur

man posing to the camera


“Finesse is the secret ingredient to our recipe for success.”

The Joker
With A Purpose

Portrait of Kode Digital's web developer Farid


“It’s not a bad idea if it works.”

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