We are Kode.

Started from the Bottom, now we are here...

Like a proud mama-hen, we KODERS have been hatching out-of-the-box online content since the good ol’ 2018. We handle all things digital marketing that amplified your brands voice, because it is what we do best.


In this endless-evolving world, there is one thing that remains constant – our PASSION.

Our Passion that drives our Missions forward.

We elevate your brand's presence by digitizing your story.


We help Malaysian businesses to grow and meet the ever-increasing demands of our economy.


We get your content through the noisy digital jungle in order to maximize your impact online.


We guide your businesses along every step of your digital transformation journey to share your 3S – Stories, Services and Stuffs (your products).


We help Malaysian Businesses to grow and meet the ever increasing demands of our company.

We bring ideas to life across every space, time and screen.

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KODE's Bests & Brightests

“Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno”

All for one and one for all. We KODERS serve amazing Clients with dedicated works we are proud of.





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