Animated Videos

We make animated videos that you need for highlighting the messages you want to share among your targeted audiences.

How This Service Empowers Your Brand

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Expand Online Reach

Keep your brand at the forefront of your target audiences’ minds when they stumbled upon your engaging videos. Videos with unique storylines and simple enough to receive information can resonate with the crowd easily and uplift brand recall. Connect with your target audiences from multiple online platforms and get the most out of the animated video.

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Foster Audiences’ Connection

Speaking of video that resonates with potential online viewers, animated information sources have the power to trigger an emotional response and purchasing actions. Visuals and audios come in hand-in-hand when it comes to animated videos, cultivating a certain mood your brand wishes to exude while delivering a core message.

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Enhance Online Engagement

An animated video makes your content much more significantly easier to consume, offering a visual experience that impacts target consumers’ online behaviours. People like, share and comment when they feel interested, and these ripple effects of engagement will increase your brand’s online presence without hassle.

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Boost Conversion Rate

Keeping it personal with your animated videos instantly connects your target audiences from different online platforms. In addition, you get to place the videos anywhere you like, all at once. An engaging animated video gives you the right push in brand awareness amidst multiple platforms, thus bringing your brand an increase in conversions.

Execution & Animated Videos

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D-1 Discover

Tell us more about your upcoming campaign and provide us with a basic overview of your animated video. Then, let’s undergo conceptualisation together and inform us of your desired overall tone for these motion visuals. If you have a script at hand, send it over for us, and we will create an animated video around it that portrays your campaign well.

D-2 Discussion

Our team came up with a storyboard that laid out the entire video scene-by-scene to ensure a clear overview. Then, we placed the existing script and potential scenes to go along with it. Furthermore, sprinkles of personalisation or human touch will piece up your new animated video together, connecting with audiences on a human level.

D-3 Design

Once the storyboard is approved, it’s animated video editing time! Our designers create designs that suit your brand identity. We want to create a video that looks good from beginning to end and something that can spark both emotions and actions. No matter the project’s complexity, we strive to create within the timeline of the designing phase.

D-4 Develop

After touching up with the transitions, visual effects and sound effects, you now have an animated video! In addition, we can integrate and work around your existing systems to ensure that the animated video fits the platforms you wish to utilize. Suggestions are welcome at this stage before you upload the animated video.

D-5 Dissect

We will send over your animated videos in the version you want whilst providing you with a thumbnail cover image if needed. You own this animated video and have all the rights in how you want to distribute them on your preferred platforms. You can come back to us anytime you want if you need to update information as long as there is a working file.

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