We film and edit videos that encourage people to watch until the end, simultaneously creating higher conversion rates.

How This Service Empowers Your Brand

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Create Lasting Effect

A video is much easier to consume as the brain processes video faster than words. Therefore, it is an ideal marketing vehicle that drives your brand across channels, triggering emotional responses through storytelling. These responses come with lasting impressions, changing audiences’ minds with emotional bonds via motion visuals.

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Enhance Audiences Engagement

Unify your videos with the rest of your marketing efforts and impress target audiences one scene at a time. With straightforward infographics and appealing video elements such as audios or transitions, they encourage increased engagement and reach with the help of like, share and comment.

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Increase Brand Awareness

As visual animals ourselves, we embrace the powerful impacts of a well-produced video upon target audiences or viewers. Allow people to be aware and recollect the details of what your video is demonstrating. For instance, touching or humorous video productions that are up to the minute can win potential customers’ hearts effortlessly.

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Improve User Experience

Through the hybrid of audio-visual elements, craft a video that fascinates and informs target audiences simultaneously. Besides allowing them to resonate with your video, we want it to educate people on how you can help the audience. Build the best of both worlds for your audiences by capturing their eyes that want to witness and hearts that want to understand.

Execution & Videography

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D-1 Discover

Join us in a creative meeting, and together, we conceptualize your video after we understand your video objectives and goals. If you already have an idea at hand, just let us know, and our team will further brainstorm your concept into potential video making.

D-2 Discussion

Our team involves themselves in scripting and storyboarding based on your goals. We will come up with both audio and visual elements that come hand in hand when it comes to attention-grabbing videography, making the most impactful story that reflects your brand.

D-3 Design

It is time to shoot video in-studio or on-site, according to the finalization of the script as well as the storyboard. Depending on your campaign needs, we prepare some suitable props and video shooting gear for the shoot day.

D-4 Develop

We edit the raw video in this post-production phase and combine the necessary clips into a motion masterpiece. With premium video-making tools and expertise in editing, we ensure that your video gets the attention it deserves.

D-5 Dissect

The completed video is sent to you once it is edited from our side. Feedback is welcome with any of the elements involved in this video. We go through the footage together and further discuss video elements such as background music, sound effects and more.

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