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100% Natural Cow’s Milk With New Zealand Ingredients

DailyLac is a dairy nutrition provider known for delivering 100% natural and high-quality cow’s milk infused with 100% New Zealand ingredients. This milk powder brand provides the family with essential components of nutrients for individuals at all stages of life in staying healthy and active. From fresh milk to full cream milk powder, DailyLac is produced under a stringent manufacturing process to ensure that the freshness of our milk is maintained from the farm to the factory as well as 100% natural with no added preservatives for you and your family.

How We Help?

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Website Design & Development

Our Challenges & Goals

Our team is asked to brainstorm the overall design and elements based on the packaging provided by DailyLac as this brand has never had an identity in the digital world. Besides, DailyLac requested us to plan out the advertising budget to make sure that we can maximise the budget, get the most out of what they invested and gain more followers on their social media platforms.

How We Helped

Dailylac social media mockup

Social Media Management

We help DailyLac in managing their social media platforms, namely Facebook and Instagram. In order to make their social media feed an information hub for site audiences or target customers, our team created content with call-to-action that sparks actions and visuals with eye-catching designs. Our overall content focuses on the benefits of consuming DailyLac, simple recipes with their milk powder, as well as health and wellness tips for all. Online audiences will gain a substantial amount of knowledge just by following their official platforms.

Dailylac website design mockup

Website Design & Development

Our partnership with DailyLac includes our expertise in e-Commerce Website Design and Development. Our team ensures their official website is organized neatly in a visually appealing way, and at the same time, provides site visitors with information about DailyLac. We highlight their major selling points clearly, such as their origin from New Zealand, the high-quality nutrients and zero preservatives used to make this milk powder. Furthermore, this e-Commerce site comes with a safe and secure payment gateway that ensures customers peace of mind amid their shopping experience, getting DailyLac orders delivered to their doorsteps conveniently.

The Outcome

Our team has created an e-Commerce site with designs of milk splashes throughout the web pages. We have added a recipe section on this website so that site visitors will browse for something to cook or prepare with the DailyLac milk powder. Their Instagram is synced in the website as well, boosting their followings whilst making sure followers are updated with the latest information and tips. Right before we schedule their upcoming posts on Facebook and Instagram, a social media content calendar is prepared monthly for the eyes of our client.

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