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We provide custom properties digital marketing services for residential and commercial property agencies to reach more interested buyers. Improve property sales and performances through our information-rich content with the intention of guiding your target audiences to connect with you.

Let us take the wheel and drive your property agencies with our catered marketing solutions of:

Questions We KODErs Often Get!

We are a very experienced team of professionals with diverse backgrounds and over 5 years of expertise in many different areas of digital services.

Of course, we offer ongoing support and maintenance services after completing a project! This can include technical support, updates, website maintenance, troubleshooting, and additional services as required. It's recommended to inquire with us about our specific support and maintenance offerings.

Our expertise in specific industries, unique approach to solving digital challenges, talented team, a strong portfolio of successful projects, excellent customer service, and many more! You can contact us directly to learn more about our unique selling points.

The pricing structure for our services may depend on various factors, including the type of service, project complexity, duration, and specific client requirements. It is best to contact us directly to discuss your project needs and get detailed pricing information.

Typically, it involves an initial consultation to understand your goals, followed by project scoping, proposal creation, agreement signing, and project initiation.

Let your Brand be Heard, not Voiceless.

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