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Arutjothi Yoga Academy

Yoga Is A Way Of Life

Arutjothi Yoga Academy is a Penang based yoga academy with a healing nature of yoga classes to help individuals be mindful of their presence to live a healthy and happy life. Arutjothi Yoga classes also help individuals strengthen their body posture as well as reduce risk of injury.

How We Help?

  • Website Design & Development


Our Challenges & Goals

Our collaboration with Arutjothi Yoga Academy began during the Covid pandemic when Arutjothi Yoga Academy had to abide by the Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) of the Movement Control Order (MCO) and ensure that only a limited number of participants were allowed each lesson. Therefore, Arutjothi Yoga Academy would like to have their participants register online before attending their respective classes.

How We Helped

Arutjothi Yoga Academy Website Design

Website Design & Development

Kode Digital was motivated to lend Arutjothi Yoga Academy a helping hand by creating a simple and informative website for Arutjothi Yoga Academy. The most important feature on the website was a registration page that easily allows Arujothi’s participants to register themselves before attending their classes. Registering is as simple as submitting a participant’s name, date of the week and day of the session. New participants and existing participants can also find a page of class schedules, location as well as social media pages such as Facebook and Instagram to ensure that they receive the latest updates of the yoga academy.

The Outcome

Kode Digital’s creativity in developing an online registration to help Arutjothi Yoga Academy abide by the SOP, has significantly improved the lives of Arutjothi’s participants. All Arutjothi’s participants can now submit their preferred yoga days without having to worry about missing out on their classes during the pandemic.

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