Website Copywriting and Translation For An E-Commerce Startup

T2C Platform

Sustainable Shopping For Communities

T2C is a startup company that founded the T2Bang platform. At T2Bang, vendors are viewed as valuable contributors to a larger community with a shared vision of enhancing our expanded communities through sustainable shopping practices. Their analytical team is crucial in assisting vendors by providing strategic planning and guidance to strengthen their market strategies. This support aims to boost individual sales and foster collaborative efforts among vendors.

How We Help?

  • Copywriting


Our Challenges & Goals

With a freshly developed website, T2C was looking for quality copywriting and translation services to ensure the new website would attract and cater to people within their multilingual community and beyond. With that, a collaboration between Kode Digital and T2C was born in order to get T2C’s website to hit the ground running.

How We Helped

Website Copywriting and Translation

Aiming to attract vendors and customers alike, Kode Digital provided T2C with copywriting that described their brand and market platform in clear and precise terms while also emphasizing their sustainable shopping practices and the benefits of being a T2Bang vendor. The copywriting was also translated into Mandarin to be more accessible to first-language Mandarin clients.

The Outcome

With Kode Digital’s help, T2C’s website now has a website that perfectly conveys the company’s visions, message, and platform to the world. With an online presence, T2C’s market platform will foster a community like never before.

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