Website Design & Development For A Customizable Pet Accessories Shop


Self-Made Paw With Love

Pawwy is a Malaysia based pet accessories brand, everything is 100% pawmade with love for furkids and is shipped worldwide. The uniqueness of Pawwy accessories provides Pawwy customers an easy and wonderful opportunity to customize designs they wish for their lovely pets.

How We Help?

  • Website Design & Development


Our Challenges & Goals

Our collaboration with Pawwy begins when Pawwy decides to own a creative eCommerce website that not only allows Pawwy customers to discover the artworks of Pawwy accessories but to also select their favourite designs for their pet based on the options they choose.

How We Helped

screenshot of Pawwy website

Website Design & Development 

The dream design of Pawwy’s official website has become a dream come true!
Pawwy has provided Kode Digital with an eye-catching website design idea to build an eCommerce site for Pawwy. The design is unlike any common eCommerce sites that provide default option selection functions such as ‘checkbox’ or ‘dropdown’ on WordPress. We have taken some time to discover the right WordPress plugin for Pawwy that allow Pawwy customers to not only select the different types of designs through the colour palettes, but to also see a preview of the their selected choice. We have categorized the creation of Pawwy accessories into different product sizes, a colour palette of designs like ’crystal’, ‘glitters’, ‘flakes’, collar colour and size, as well as preferred ‘font’ and details on the accessories.

Aside from that, we have implemented a multi-currency system on Pawwy to ease the checkout for international purchase. Pawwy’s shipping prices are also adjusted based on the shipping location.

The Outcome

Kode Digital has creatively enhanced the eCommerce website for Pawwy with customizable design options that includes a product preview for Pawwy customers. As Pawwy gains international orders, the multi-currency system that we installed have successfully helped Pawwy’s international customers determine the estimated price of their Pawwy purchasements and proceed with a smooth payment according to the respective shipping prices.

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