eCommerce Website Design & Development For A Green Space

A Random Place

Be A True Believer of Rainbows, Mother Nature & Dreams

A green space called A Random Place was founded in 2018 when creative founders had beautiful passions and aimed to create a dream place. It all began with a humble Art Studio, Homestay and then the green space; A Random Place. A Random Place aims to connect the community through colours, healing and creativity to ignite dreams and passion of individuals to achieve their goals and desired lifestyle. Urban folks can expect to experience experiential workshops and creative events including personal, private, corporates and through online platforms.

How We Help?

  • Website Design & Development


Our Challenges & Goals

The blossoming partnership between A Random Place and Kode Digital began when A Random Place was inspired to create an engaging and creative eCommerce website design that attracts page visitors to explore the beautiful nature products and exciting workshops that are offered at A Random Place but most importantly a space for like-minded individuals to connect, relax and enjoy.

How We Helped

screenshot of A Random Place website

Website Design & Development

After getting to know all the beautiful products and exciting workshops that A Random Place has to offer; from plants to crystals, gifts, printing and designs to workshops, we were excited to help A Random Place create an engaging and creative eCommerce website. We have specifically designed a creative web design flow according to our client’s brand colour, content as well as background audio to the website to strongly attract page visitors attention. Not only can page visitors easily navigate and search for their favourite products on A Random Place, the healing music shall put them at ease while purchasing their products.

Other than that, we have installed eCommerce functions such as the WooCommerce plugin and helped clients register their past and on-going workshops

The Outcome

The user experience on A Random Place’s eCommerce site has gained huge compliments from many new and loyal customers. It was an engaging and soothing experience browsing A Random Place and this has eventually elevated businesses at A Random Place.

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