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Kah Motor Malaysia

Serving the Best of Honda's Experience for Safe Journeys Ahead

Kah Motor Malaysia is an authorized Honda Dealer group, with a total of 8 branches in Peninsular Malaysia, alongside a Sales and Service Outlet in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. In addition, they are the only automotive group in Malaysia that possesses a complete assemblage of plant, sales, service, parts, and component manufacturing operations. Realizing the Power of Dreams as a team, their friendly yet professional sales experts put Honda car owners’ minds at ease with their excellent one-stop services as well as high-quality after-sales support. Kah Motor Malaysia is keen on revolutionizing the Honda car owning experience as a whole, as they believe owning a dream car should be simple and straightforward.

How We Help?

  • Social Media Management

Our Challenges & Goals

Kah Motor Malaysia seeks our help to reach a new crowd of potential car owners and expand their existing customer base. They want to have official Facebook and Instagram accounts as informative hubs for potential or existing Honda customers. And at the same time, we are responsible for filling their social media feeds with thumb-stopping content. This allows catching the attention of their followers or target audience to stay updated with up-to-the-minute info. By reaping the benefits of social media, they wish to maintain their position as one of the most sought-after authorized Honda dealers in Malaysia and grow to become number 1.

How We Helped

Mockup of Kah Motor social media on multiple devices

Social Media Management

We help Kah Motor Malaysia to broaden their reach via our expertise in Social Media Management. From signing up both Facebook and Instagram accounts to creating personalised social media postings, we are with Kah Motor Malaysia every step of the way in enhancing their online reach. In the aspects of visual design, our design team ensures what they will be crafted are aligned with clients’ target audiences’ liking. Basically, our designers produce work that exudes a balance of masculinity and femininity. And from there, a touch of innovation that symbolises Honda’s cutting edge technology can be seen via our design work for Kah Motor Malaysia. Speaking of innovation, we wish to highlight that either subtlety or noticeably when it comes to the post copy. And with that, target audiences can view Kah Motor Malaysia from a different perspective compared to other Honda dealers.

The Outcome

With the help of our Social Media Management, Kah Motor is able to grow both of its Facebook and Instagram pages. We are tasked to provide 18 social media postings per month that are eye-catching enough to grab target audiences and helpful enough to inform followers. In addition, we complete ad-hoc tasks from them when they are in need of an immediate posting on certain events. Rest assured, our team delivers our work for them on time in order to stay ahead of their current or upcoming business campaigns. Timeliness is vital when it comes to digital marketing for car dealerships, and we are ready for that.

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