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Dumond Education

Learning English For A Better Future

Dumond Education is an education expert with nearly 50 years’ of chalk face teaching experience in a range of countries, school contexts and positions. Dumond Education aims to provide useful and flexible English language educational resources, games, and activities to enable parents/teachers to support the learning and development of their child/children in the class. The key features of Dumond Education’s resources are comprehensive instructions and guides with detailed tips, ideas, and information about how the products are designed to support a variety of learning outcomes.

How We Help?

  • Photography
  • Social Media Management
  • Website Design & Development

Our Challenges & Goals

The wonderful collaboration and friendship with Dumond Education started when Dumond Education was excited to share their 50 years of teaching experience with the world by sharing their very own teaching content digitally to support parents, teachers and most importantly children with their teaching-learning experience and education. And with this, Dumond Education has reached out to Kode Digital for digital assistance to leverage their brand awareness and ultimately help them gain sales.

How We Helped

Dumond Education website mockup

Website Design & Development

To help Dumond Education with their brand and business, having a website is the most essential channel when it comes to marketing. With this, we have developed a creative and yet simple and user-friendly eCommerce website with integration of international shipping for our client. Here, Dumond Education can share their excellent products internationally with parents and teachers who are interested in purchasing their products. Adding to that, a blog page was created for Dumond Education experts to share important tips, insights and ideas on education.

Social Media Marketing

Besides websites as an important marketing tool, Kode Digital also supports Dumond Education with their social media marketing. To boost brand awareness and convert sales for Dumond Education, we have assisted Dumond Education in managing their social media accounts; Facebook and Instagram. We also create monthly social media calendars with persuasive copywriting and attractive social media artworks and animated videos to run social media ad campaigns.

Product Photography

Kode Digital has assisted Dumond Education with product photography as well as the postproduction designs for traditional media such as producing 70 phonograms of flashcards that were also printed on cloths, and banners. Product photography was a great challenge for the Kode Digital team as the project took place during the lockdown of Covid-19. During that period, we have brainstormed several ideas and platforms to showcase the products as well as searching for a suitable indoor location to conduct several shootings.

The Outcome

Kode Digital’s expertise from building a brand presence, leveraging brand awareness to converting sales for Dumond Education through a website and social media marketing has helped Dumond Education connect with many parents and teachers worldwide. Kode Digital is proud to assist Dumond Education in becoming an excellent role model at shaping and improving children’s education.

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