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Hitachi Construction Machinery Malaysia (HCMM)

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Hitachi Construction Machinery Malaysia (HCMM) is a branch of Hitachi Ltd. responsible for providing machinery and technical support for mining, construction and forestry businesses in Malaysia. Hitachi is committed to providing leading-edge solutions and being a reliable partner to related companies worldwide. The machinery manufactured and distributed by HCMM primarily serves as parts for various Hitachi excavator models, which certified technicians can individually replace.

How We Help?

  • Website Design & Development

Our Challenges & Goals

Hitachi needed a more efficient method of updating its online store’s inventory and client profiles. Previously, Hitachi used EasyStore to create its website, but this did not allow for the amount of flexibility and functionality that Hitachi desired. To solve this, Kode Digital offered to modify the existing website to better track inventory and finances by allowing it to import and export sales data.

Additionally, the client wanted us to create a ‘credit’ system that customers could use to make purchase installments. As many store items are relatively expensive, it may not be viable for customers to pay for products in full upfront.

The challenge of this project was to modify the system for the client to import data in a format compatible with Microsoft Office Dynamics Finance & Operations.

How We Helped

hitachi website mockup

Website Design & Development

To meet the client’s demands, we added a data import and export function to the website for administrators to download and upload the website’s inventory in Microsoft Excel files. To streamline the daily workflow, we also created a schedule for the website to read data from the documents and use it to update the website’s pricing and inventory automatically. This benefits the client as it streamlines the process of updating the website in a format they can use for data logging on their end.

The website’s store functionality was also updated to allow credit customers to print quotes before uploading their purchase orders to pay in credit terms over a period of time. Credit customers will have to register an account on the site to do this, while customers able to pay in full can do so through online banking or transfer without signing up. To regulate the amount a credit customer can purchase at once, we also added a monthly credit limit that customers cannot exceed.

The Outcome

The reworks to HCMM’s online store have improved its admin accessibility and reduced the time needed to update the system. This way, it is easier for the client to manage the online store’s inventory and finances. The customer credit system also benefits customers unable to make large purchases in full and those buying on behalf of another business. In this regard, our goal of optimising the client’s website was a major success.

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