TikTok & Xiao Hong Shu Management For A Malaysian Pharmacy

Georgetown & Wellings Pharmacy

Pharmacists That Truly Care

Georgetown & Wellings Pharmacy is a group of pharmacies in Penang, Kedah, and Perlis under the CARING Pharmacy Group. Their philosophy is to provide customers with the highest healthcare standards, including excellent pharmacist counselling/advice and new, unique products.

How We Help?

  • Social Media Ads
  • Social Media Management

Our Challenges & Goals

Georgetown & Wellings Pharmacy aims to rejuvenate its online presence through compelling and interactive social media content to broaden its impact and attract a fresh audience. This will showcase the brand’s commitment to excellence and inspire individuals to lead healthier lives. Through strategic digital marketing, we aim to elevate Georgetown & Wellings’ online visibility and engagement, positioning them as a leading advocate for health and well-being in the digital sphere.

How We Helped

Social Media Management

Collaborating closely with Georgetown & Wellings Pharmacy, we crafted compelling video content that reflects the core values of the client’s brand. Our strategy was simple yet powerful: blend creativity with authenticity. By harnessing the dynamic features of TikTok and XiaoHongShu (XHS), we seamlessly integrated your message into the heart of trending content, ensuring maximum visibility and resonance. From informative snippets to captivating storytelling, our collaborative efforts brought your brand to life in the digital realm.

Social Media Ads

In addition to video content creation for Georgetown & Wellings Pharmacy’s social media, Kode Digital also helped run ad campaigns on various social media platforms, such as TikTok, to promote the company to a wider audience based on content identification. This was done by optimising select social media posts for search engine relevancy and adapting them into advertisement format. These posts could be used as standard social media content and circulated as advertisements.

The Outcome

With meticulous planning and creative prowess, Kode Digital orchestrated a seamless production of regular social media content for Georgetown & Wellings Pharmacy. The integration of a rotation of paid advertisements proved instrumental in achieving tangible growth for the client’s TikTok and XHS pages. This dynamic approach helped to increase the view count substantially and contributed to a steady rise in followers. Through our ongoing partnership with Georgetown & Wellings, we want to continue creating exceptional digital content and grow their online presence.

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