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Redefining Property Services All In One Place

DWAYNE is not the property agency that property buyers want, but the partner in property they need. Dwayne empowers his property buyers with their seamless expertise since 2020 by striving to connect buyers with the beautiful properties in Penang. Dwayne brings a wide range of best-in-class property services and the confidence to make better property decisions. Dwayne’s network of specialists goes above and beyond to cater buyers’ needs such as investment advice, interior designs and video productions. With an aim in mind to redefine buyers’ decision making be it buying, renting or selling, Dwayne is always with their buyers every step of their way.

How We Help?

  • Website Design & Development


Our Challenges & Goals

The successful collaboration with DWAYNE started when Dwayne reached out to Kode Digital to build a website that allows them to showcase their potential properties in Penang. With Penang being known and awarded as one of the best locations to live and retire today, Dwayne is inspired to help Penangites find their dream home in every possible way through their experiences and one-stop services. When Dwayne approached us, they had a clear idea of how they wanted the website design to be and wanted us to create a similar design and vibe for their website.

How We Helped

screenshot of Dwyane website

Website Design & Development

Kode Digital has created the website design flow according to Dwayne’s reference and liking by showcasing every property in Penang. We have also created customized property search functions with Google Maps API Integration to display all properties and nearby places within each area. We have also customized the website’s gallery to display the interiors and exteriors of the properties as well as included virtual tours of the home.

Brand glues content of website in a potential manner and provides potential buyers the confidence of a reputable company. Hence, not only does Dwayne’s website consist of all team members and their journey in the real estate industry, we have also included a a display of Instagram feed for every team member as well as animations to help property buyers connect with Dwayne’s team and truly under the passion where each member has at helping property buyers secure their dream home.

What’s even better is that for every property on Dwayne’s website, Kode Digital has added a mortgage calculator with interactive graphs to assist potential home buyers forecast monthly mortgage and service charge of their desired dream home.

Finally, we have also set up emails for the website and helped Dwayne with their backup system by making sure that clients can easily update and upload new properties in the future.

The Outcome

Kode Digital’s expertise at optimizing Dwayne’s website has strongly supported Dwayne’s brand and credibility in the real estate market. With this, we are glad to hear from our client that Dwayne has gained a significant increase in its brand awareness, helping more property buyers achieve their dream home and eventually receiving more sales.

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