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Pet-care Essentials All In One Place

TURA assembles wallet-friendly pet-care essentials for pet owners’ furry companions that bring endless smiles to all. Putting pets’ health and product quality above all, TURA prides itself on stocking all-natural goodness and quality pet-caring products, ranging from zero-preservatives pet food, nutritious pet supplements and efficient pet litter.

How We Help?

  • Social Media Ads
  • Social Media Management
  • Website Design & Development


Our Challenges & Goals

With an aim in mind to make customers easily access their pet-caring products, TURA wished to expand its online presence with our help in Social Media Management and eCommerce Website Design & Development. They came to us looking to have content or write-ups with an emphasis on product ingredients that showcase their individual benefits among pets. This enables TURA to build trust and credibility, attracting more long-term customers who will support the brand. Our design is mainly focused on adorable pets that piqued the customer’s interest whilst invitingly market their products by summarizing the ingredients of each product among target audiences.

How We Helped

Turapet social media visual design

Social Media Management 

We work with TURA in managing their social media feed with call-to-action writings and creatives that communicate with social media users effectively. These engaging contents have boosted its brand awareness among target audiences, which in this case, pet owners and animal lovers. The visuals, creatives and graphics have successfully complemented the pet-caring products of TURA, which then drive the revenue efficiently. The overall graphic design we created for TURA is full of playfulness yet comes with ample information that informs audiences. The eye-catching visuals are expressed with a brighter colour scheme, and cheerful shades attract target audiences to learn about the selling points in a delightful way.

Turapet Website

Website Design & Development 

We have combined simple yet premium design in an elegant style with a spritz of cuteness. According to TURA’s needs and requirements, we manage to highlight their products’ ingredients and their individual advantages for the betterment of furry companions. Instead of a typical product site, we capture the interest of pet owners by creating an official website for TURA that not just converts audiences but informs them with knowledge on pets’ essential nutrients, in a way of breaking down complex ideas into understandable terms for the audience. Besides featuring their products, we make it easy for potential customers with a simple interface that comprises a customized products search function. Pet owners can search for pet-caring essentials from as many as 500 pet shops nationwide, according to their current residing states in Malaysia.

Social Media Ads

In addition to our support and content creation for TURA’s social media content, Kode Digital also helped to run ad campaigns on various social media platforms, such as Meta, in order to promote the company to a wider audience based on content identification. This was done by optimising select social media posts for search engine relevancy and adapting them into advertisement format. These posts could then be used as standard social media content and circulated as advertisements.

The Outcome

As a result, we fruitfully created what TURA needs for their social media platforms and official website. With their request to design visuals that inform in an engaging way, we make sure the information is presented clearly for the maximum reach among online audiences for them to keep an eye on the future content, setting TURA up for a consistent growth. The overall design of the website provides an emotional boost in a positive way. It even encourages the audiences’ behaviour change when browsing through the pages with cute animals.

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