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Best e-Learning Platform in Malaysia

Edukate is an e-Learning portal offering core subjects lessons – English Mathematics and Science for primary Malaysian students in Standard 4, 5 and 6. It is designed to meet one goal – to improve students’ results. Edukate’s e-Learning portal uses some of the world’s best learning technologies to deliver high-quality lessons and learning resources such as pre-tests, multimedia lessons, e-books, educational games to enhance students’ learning experience, and a comprehensive report that allows parents to easily monitor their children’s educational performance. What’s even better is Edukate’s Reward4Learning system which allows students to earn points upon completing their lessons and claim exciting prizes.

How We Help?

  • Influencer Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Website Design & Development

Our Challenges & Goals

As one of the best e-Learning education platforms in Malaysia, it is no surprise that Edukate needs a strong digital presence to reinforce their brand in the educational market and to offer their best education to our young leaders of the world. To truly connect with parents and students, Edukate has sought the help of Kode Digital to improve their website design – Learning Management System, build a good social media presence as well as one of the best marketing strategies in the current market, Influencer Marketing.

How We Helped

EDUKATE social media post mockup

Social Media Marketing

LMS is a crucial component of the eLearning market for Edukate to improve students’ learning environment, informative and straightforward access to content that easily allows students and parents to find subjects, notes and performance reports. Content, form and accessibility is the key to an efficient learning management system. Before assisting Edukate with their LMS design, Edukate’s previous design was dull and instructions on how parents can register their child for Edukate was complicated. Now, we have beautified and arranged the content of Edukate’s LMS by following their brand colour – purple and orange, added more attractive vector images and provided clearer information and instructions to parents on Edukate’s registration.

Social Media Marketing

Our approach for Edukate’s social media marketing was built through the process of creating monthly social media calendars with eye-catching creative and persuasive write-ups. We have shared the many benefits that parents and students can receive when they take a step further to achieve education success with Edukate. It is more than important to ensure children receive their best educational support, especially during the Covid-19 lockdown which causes schools to close and students to struggle at performing their best. Here, we educate parents and students on how they can easily register with Edukate with just 3 simple registration steps and reviews from mom influencers on the best e-Learning platform in Malaysia.

Influencer Marketing

When it comes to influencer marketing, choosing the best mom influencers in Malaysia was a fun and exciting experience for us. We have reached out to mom influencers who were really concerned about the performance of their children’s education at home to introduce them to the best e-Learning platform in Malaysia. In return for the wonderful education platform, many mom influencers have been sharing photos and videos on how beneficial and helpful Edukate’s educational platform has been on their social media.

Video Marketing

The future has arrived – the video revolution that is now progressing rapidly with 83% of businesses believing that video marketing provides good ROI. It was definitely impossible for Kode Digital to miss out on supporting Edukate through the power of video. Therefore, during the video marketing process, our team of experts started off with our pre-production stage by producing numerous scripts on the struggles of parents and children with their education during the pandemic and how Edukate has changed their life. As we wrap up the post-production of video marketing, we also took responsibility for editing the videos and of course, having them shared on Edukate’s social media.

The Outcome

Our digital expertise has remarkably boosted Edukate’s brand awareness through the importance of social media in today’s digital era. With influencer marketing amplifying the credibility of Edukate’s services, this has helped Edukate connect with more parents and shape students as best leaders of the world.

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