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Sensual and Commanding Apparel

Chomelisse is a luxury lingerie boutique based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia that believes in empowering women through embracing femininity and feeling confident in their own beauty.

Their inventory consists of selected pieces from speciality lingerie brands, ranging from high-class labels to designer startups. Customers can order items directly from their online store or request private viewings at petite soirées hosted by the boutique.

How We Help?

  • Content Writing
  • Website Design & Development


Our Challenges & Goals

Launching in November 2022, Chomelisse’s primary target audience includes women in Malaysia and Indonesia interested in buying luxury lingerie online. As the online store is not available yet, the client needed a landing page to precede the grand opening to establish an online presence and to direct online traffic to its active social media page.

The client requested that we create a temporary webpage to function as its landing page and provide the writing for the page’s ‘Coming Soon’ announcement.

How We Helped

smart mockup display Chomelisse website on multiple devices


We provided the copywriting for the landing page, a crucial part of the client’s first impression, in order to effectively communicate the client’s purpose, theme and tone to their target audience. When creating the written copy for the page, we used the moodboard provided by the client to understand the image the client wanted to present and used enticing phrases and terms to convey this.

Website Design & Development

We created the Chomelisse landing page with WordPress based on the themes pitched in the client’s moodboard, with shades of copper and beige to denote skin tone for the page’s colour. The motion graphic at the top of the page consists of suggestive yet implicit visuals to highlight the client’s product without directly depicting nudity.

Along with this, we integrated a contact window into the landing page to provide a direct line of communication to the client for site visitors. Two variations of the window were designed for clients and potential business partners. The windows were made with the same blush-coloured backdrop and followed a similar design style but required different contact details to establish communication priorities between customers and business partners.

The Outcome

Chomelisse now has an established online presence that can direct traffic to its social media pages in anticipation of the online store’s official launch in November 2022.

Including a pre-registration page for clients and potential partners also allows Chomelisse to get a headstart in business dealings when they open their store. It also provides visitors with a direct line of communication with the business that they can use to build a rapport with their fledgling target audience.

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