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The Sunway Medical Centre Penang

Providing quality medical care for you and your family

The Sunway Medical Centre Penang is a new hospital owned by the Sunway Group in Seberang Jaya, Penang, opening to the public in October 2022. Along with being the latest Sunway Medical Centre in Malaysia, it is also an extension of the Sunway Hotel in Seberang Jaya and one of the most advanced hospitals on northern Peninsula Malaysia. The new medical centre specialises in tertiary medical care and features several advanced medical facilities designed to safely, comfortably and efficiently care for its patients.

How We Help?

  • Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • Social Media Management
  • Videography

Our Challenges & Goals

The client reached out to us to run an advertising campaign on their social media pages to promote the grand opening of the new Sunway Medical Centre. As part of our ongoing business with the client, we were also tasked with providing a steady flow of content for their social media pages to continue promoting the hospital once it opens.

One of the goals we set out to accomplish was to amass a total of five thousand followers across Sunway Medical Penang’s Facebook and Instagram pages. Sunway’s successful business history supports the new hospital’s reputation, but it must still compete with the existing private hospitals in Penang for attention.

Another goal was to use Sunway’s social media page to promote the hospital’s recruitment campaign. Additionally, Kode Digital took further initiative to develop new types of content for the client to diversify their creative reach.

How We Helped

Social Media Management

With the establishment of Sunway Medical Centre Penang’s Facebook page, we were able to help the client by planning and generating social media posts to draw attention to it and develop a following. An average of twelve posts will be produced for the Facebook page every month and uploaded at regular intervals to keep the page active. These posts ranged from general health information to highlights of the new hospital and its facilities. Images and videos for these posts followed the layout and design style of previous Sunway advertisements and posters to capitalise on the brand’s familiarity. Custom and familiar hashtags were also attached to each post in order to direct traffic to the page from relevant fields of interest.

Additionally, several posts were made to advertise available job openings and jobs in demand. This was made in association with their Walk-in Interview event on June 24th-25th. Further advertisements were posted across Google and Instagram to reach a broader audience.

Our main target audience for the preliminary advertising campaign was the general public, particularly those familiar with Sunway’s established medical centre and its related projects. A secondary, temporary target audience were local medical practitioners looking for new job opportunities, in order to fully staff the hospital.


Photography sessions were conducted at Sunway Medical Centre Penang to generate source material that we could use to create content. This involved scheduling a photoshoot to take preliminary sample photographs and familiarise ourselves with points of interest at the location.

The next step was to arrange a second photoshoot and plan out each shot with the information and practice shots from the previous visit to get the image angle and focus we needed. These photos would contribute to our social media content quality, and other promotional content for Sunway Medical Centre Penang.


The purpose of this task was to supplement our existing lineup of content for the client with various B-reel footage for future use. Due to the timing, we managed to plan the video shoot during the photoshoot and complete two tasks at once. The videos taken would then be used in reels, shorts and stories created for the client’s social media pages.

Videos were shot on a variety of mediums, including a variety of smartphones and professional cameras. This was done to produce different effects that only certain devices can produce, such as panoramas and three-dimensional photos on certain smartphones and focused shots on cameras with adjustable lenses.

Brochure mockup for Sunway Medical Centre Penang

Graphic Design

Following a successful launch of their new hospital, the client made additional requests for us to create a variety of designs to be printed for different purposes. These included ‘get well soon’ cards, envelope templates, banners and many more. The content was meant to compliment their launch with a collection of new branded and promotional materials.

The design process that these projects underwent, while similar, varied greatly in design and function. Despite the tight time and design constraints we were under, Kode Digital still managed to fulfill the client’s requests in a satisfactory manner.

The Outcome

Since its creation, the Sunway Medical Centre Penang Facebook page has gained 459 followers as of the 21st of July, 2022. While this has not met our target goal, it is a strong start and will continue to increase as more events and posts are highlighted closer to the opening date.

Thus far, we have met our monthly goal of twelve monthly posts, each maintaining consistent quality and relevancy. Of note are the posts that detail the facilities and features of the new hospital highlighted on their website. Our team is also in the position to produce new posts for upcoming events as they develop, even for unforeseen requests by the client. Even requests for additional graphical work, alongside their regular schedule of content, is manageable with enough planning and familiarity. We are comfortable with our response time in fitting new content into our upload schedule to keep the flow of content consistent.

While it was initially difficult to get approval from the client to conduct the photo/videoshoot, we were eventually able to get the shots we needed. In doing so, we were able to take part in a rare opportunity to plan and perform on-site photoshoots at a location with sparse public interference and willing models and actors.

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