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Eastern Corridor Sdn. Bhd is a subsidiary company of Yanjian Group in Malaysia. The developer, Eastern Corridor is located at Cyberjaya, Malaysia. Yanjian Group Co., Ltd is a large integrated Chinese construction and engineering company founded in 1952 that engages in general contracting of domestic and foreign projects, real estate development, capital operation, commercial trade and other business. They have undertaken projects of the 17 regions in Shandong Province, outside of the province and over 30 countries in Asia, Africa, Oceania, and South America. Besides that, they are one of the 250 largest international contractors to develop an interactive marketing campaign focused on generating leads via the mobile platform.

How We Help?

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Website Design & Development


Our Challenges & Goals

Our strong partnership with Eastern Corridor began when Eastern Corridor finally launched their contemporary homes Lake Point Residence (LPR); both condominium and garden-link terraces house. With more than 27 luxurious facilities designed at Lake Point Residence for the wellness of families, Eastern Corridor decides to go digital! Eastern Corridor goes digital with the help of Kode Digital to leverage their brand and assist in converting sales with the prominent digital medium of a website and social media.

How We Helped

Lake Point Residence by Eastern Corridor website design mockup

Website Design & Development

Kode Digital was motivated to rebrand our client’s website when Eastern Corridor decided to include elements of Feng Shui into Lake Point Residence’s website. Through rebranding Lake Point Residence’s website, Kode Digital had worked on ensuring the website was user-friendly and well-aligned with its brand identity. For this, the website was designed well with a flow consisting of important information about the business and last but not least call to action (CTA) buttons that lead potential buyers to contact our client.

Besides that, we have added new elements of Feng Shui to our client’s brand, by designing by some curve lines to represent the Feng Shui elements of Water and Wind on the website.

A pop-up banner was also created on Lake Point Residence’s website to attract page visitors to register. This is to ensure that potential buyers are digitally guided on how they could register and enquire about their dream home. Therefore, when potential buyers register and enquire, their contact will be automatically sent to our client.

Social Media Marketing

Aside from rebranding Lake Point Residence’s website, Kode Digital has been supporting our client with their Google Display Networks and social media. When it comes to social media, we have been producing monthly  social media calendars to promote the luxury living of Lake Point Residence, assist new home buyers on how they can easily achieve their dream home and most importantly benefit from the Home Ownership Campaign during the pandemic period.

Beyond that, we have been managing both social media accounts; Facebook and Instagram for Lake Point Residence, running social media ad campaigns using multilingual copy-writing with attractive designs.

Kode Digital’s social media marketing is not just persuasive copy-writing and attractive designs to attract home buyers. We have also been creating attractive marketing campaigns such as a spin & win contest using Facebook API to help client leverage their brand awareness.

The Outcome

Kode Digital’s expertise at leveraging the brand awareness of Lake Point Residence has made Lake Point Residence a good competition in the real estate market and we are proud to hear from our client that most of the units at Lake Point Residence were sold out.

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