Branding Strategies For A Coconut Milk Supplier and Distributor

Hock Choon Holding

Embrace the Goodness of High-quality & Versatile Fresh Coconut Milk

Hock Choon Holding Sdn Bhd is a reputable supplier and distributor of fresh coconut milk or “santan” in Bahasa Malaysia. Their consistency in providing high-quality coconut milk for almost two decades satisfies both the industrial and end consumer market needs. Moreover, with their whopping production of 1 million tonnes of fresh coconut milk every month, they are committed to operating their overall business at the utmost standard, from manufacturing to distribution.

How We Help?

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Our Challenges & Goals

Amidst the ever-evolving market of fresh coconut milk, Hock Choon Holding Sdn Bhd wishes to differentiate itself from other companies in its competitive industry. Our client wants to showcase what they are known for and how they empower businesses and customers in need. As a result, we are tasked to create a professional-looking company profile that presents Hock Choon Holding Sdn Bhd inside and out.

How We Helped

Hock Choon Holdings branding portfolio mockup


Our team came up with an attractive yet clean-looking company profile for Hock Choon Holding Sdn Bhd. With coconut leaves and coconut milk framing graphics, readers will get the core of the business with a mere one look. Furthermore, they help draw attention to the word content among the readers. This compelling company profile from us is crafted with straightforward content accompanied by eye-catching visuals. Furthermore, we utilize the colour of their logo – blue, which can be seen throughout this new company profile. Well, Hock Choon Holding Sdn Bhd made the right choice of choosing the colour blue colour as it indicates trust, honesty and integrity.

The Outcome

We bring brand consistency across all company profile pages by using the blue colour from their logo. The consistency exudes credibility and infuses trust into Hock Choon Holding Sdn Bhd. Subsequently, readers or potential customers will be intrigued to try and understand our client beyond the basics. Our out-of-the-box design in this company profile automatically differentiates Hock Choon Holding Sdn Bhd from its competitor. With an eye-catching and info-packed company profile at hand, it acts as the groundwork to promote a positive reputation in its market.

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