Social Media Management For A Commercial Building

CLOUD 9 by Sandilands

Potential Commercial Space & New Business

CLOUD 9 by Sandilands stands tall in the heart of Georgetown with modern rounded-edge architecture, giving every industry the advantage in leasing, starting an enterprise, or expanding one’s business. The current tenants in this potential commercial building range from food eatery, hair salon, hardware store, pet store, premium food supplier, kindergarten, and other office spaces. Due to its strategic area well connecting to major roads, Sandilands CLOUD 9 offers tenants quick access to their destinations. Besides, it is located near restaurants and convenience stores, bombarding tenants with local food options and daily items for the household.

How We Help?

  • Social Media Management

Our Challenges & Goals

Our partnership with Sandilands Cloud 9 began as we rent our office space in this building itself. With pandemic affecting the real estate market, we assist Sandilands CLOUD 9 with their Social Media content. They want us to utilize social media platforms to increase their presence online, attracting more future tenants to this potential building for businesses. We are requested to find engaging ways to improve their booking rates for viewings among potential buyers.

How We Helped

Sandiland Cloud 9 social media mockup

Social Media Management 

We drew the eyes of social media audiences who came across Sandilands CLOUD 9 by focusing on what is nearby this commercial building and what tenants can easily access. We communicate clearly with the online audiences from Facebook and Instagram by highlighting the reasons of their current tenants to choose this building as their brick and mortar for businesses or office spaces. These can allow us to capture the strategic location of Sandilands CLOUD 9 without hard-selling the content whilst making sure we showcase a sense of refinement that reflects the luxury of the building.

The Outcome

Throughout our collaboration with Sandilands CLOUD 9, we create monthly plans of social media posts across Facebook and Instagram with eye-catching content, focusing on the strategic location of this commercial building. Audiences are able to view Sandilands CLOUD 9 from the eyes of their current tenants, learning about why they should rent a lot from this building as well.

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