Digital Marketing Strategies & Services For A Pocket Cheese Toast Shop

The Kazan Dessert

The Kazan Dessert

Kazan is the very first international chain of Japanese inspired dessert in Queensbay Mall, Penang originally from The Volcano, Chiang Mai, the world’s first maker of pocket cheese toast. Kazan’s hero products are their pocket toast. But they aren’t just toast. Kazan spoils their customers with their different flavours of toast like stretchable Cheese, Cream and Fruits. Not just that, they serve ice beverages and slurpees in a variety of flavours, as well as other milk-based desserts.

To spread the love of cheese and buttery goodness in Malaysia, Kode Digital Experts Services have assisted our client at social media marketing by creating a social media strategy, managing their social media accounts: Facebook and Instagram, running social media ad campaigns, and assisting our client with copy-writing – social media posts.

To bring out the funness of the brand, we have produced some videos and GIFs to create interactivity with the customers. We have also run a few ad campaigns on social media to create brand awareness. The ad campaigns have successfully engaged with customers, potential investors and social media influencers in Penang and other parts of Malaysia.

How We Help?

  • Augmented Reality
  • Collateral Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Social Media Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Website Design & Development
  • Website Maintenance


Our Challenges & Goals

Prior to enlisting the services of Kode Digital, Kazan Desserts had virtually zero digital or online presence, and its marketing was limited to face-to-face, localised promotions of its product in and out of its outlets. As such, Kode Digital was responsible for building Kazan’s marketing from the ground up. The client needed work done for its website, social media presence, physical marketing material and in-shop material.

How We Helped

Social Media Management

Developing Kazan Dessert’s social media pages was the first step in expanding their base of customers and increasing their target audience count. With Kode Digital’s assistance, the client was able to establish active business accounts on Meta, LinkedIn and Shopee. These sites would actively contribute to their business activities, while also acting as a platform for them to connect with their target audience.

Social Media Ads

With the social media presence established for the client, the next step in order to promote their products and services to a digital audience was to run advertisements for them. As they were more costly than simply managing and posting content to their social media pages, these ads were designed to target the launch or promotion of certain products or events that were likely to generate equal or higher revenue returns. These ads were pushed forward across the most relevant social media platforms as well as through the Google search engine.

Creative Writing

Kazan Desserts may have already been operating before Kode Digital took charge of their marketing, but their writing style lacked the flare and personality needed to stand out among other cafes in Penang. Kode Digital aimed to change this by overhauling the design and copy of their promotional material, as well as their in-store copywriting to emphasise the mood of the business through their writing.

Website Design, Development & Maintenance

As Kazan Desserts wanted to take their business to the digital frontier, one of the most important measures Kode Digital had to take to ensure the growth of their business was to develop a fully functioning website. This needed to include features such as their restaurant menu, the necessary contact details and a way for site visitors to place orders for products that were available. Additional steps were taken to provide information updates to the website to keep customers informed as well as background information about the business in order to create a stronger emotional connection with their target audience.

The site is regularly updated to ensure details and customer features are accurate in real-time.

Graphic Design

To provide image resources and material for Kazan Desserts’s advertising, Kode Digital was commissioned to create a variety of visual designs and elements to be used in present and future marketing. These designs, which take inspiration from the client’s aesthetic as well as modern Japanese cafes, are made for a variety of functions, least of which include digital designs for the social media pages.

Digital designs for the client are an on-going task and vary based on theme and circumstances.

Banner Design

Kode Digital has designed a number of digital and printed banners for Kazan Desserts. These banners are used for in-store promotions based on specials or targeted products, as well as during events. These events include the 2022 Foodicious Food & Beverage Expo, the 2022 Tastefully Food Expo, the 2022 Christmas Market at Design Village as well as many more.

Collateral Design

Alongside the standard graphic and print designs Kode Digital provided for Kazan Desserts, we also created a number of collateral designs for practical use and implementation into their business. These included designs for menus, booklets, in-store decorations, printed signs for event stalls and many more.

The Kazan dessert website mockup


To help Kazan grow as a business, Kode Digital’s assistance went beyond improving the client’s marketing strategy to also help them develop as a brand. The goal of this was to help build Kazan’s brand identity to be more memorable and attractive to customers. Kazan wanted to stand out as the frontrunner in pocket toast snacks for Malaysia, so to do this Kode emphasised the iconic dish in their marketing and material.

As Kazan continues to grow as a business, so too will Kode Digital gradually adapt their branding to suit the business’ needs.


To supplement the digital designs Kode Digital created for Kazan Desserts, Kode also provided photographic services for the client in order to create visual material to be used in our designs. This involved bringing Kazan products to our photography studio to create the best shots we could for promotional material and in-store use.

Additionally, Kode photographers also accompanied Kazan to some of their events in order to take photos to be used on their social media to promote or publicise the event.

During photoshoots, Kode Digital also collected video footage for advertising purposes on Kazan’s social media pages. These video shoots were often short and concise, providing short clips of footage to be used in digital marketing.

Kode Digital also provided Kazan with video editing as part of our marketing strategy. Through it, short video clips and reels were created and shared to Instagram and Facebook to highlight what Kazan had to offer.

The Outcome

With Kode Digital’s help, Kazan Desserts has better realised its marketing design. The client not only stands out as a unique food & beverage option in Penang, but also a growing brand with a personality that helps it to stand apart from the competition. It is now instantly recognisable, and has even grown in scope since Kode first began assisting their marketing, having expanded to a second outlet and participating in multiple food fairs. Kode Digital looks forward to its continued partnership with Kazan Desserts.

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