Website Design & Development For A Filming Equipment Rental Store

DP Gadget

Photography & Videography Equipment Rental Made Easy

DP Gadget has been a filming equipment rental store since 2018 providing digital cinema film cameras, DSLR and mirrorless cameras, lenses and camera accessories. DP Gadget also provides technical crewing such as equipment Technicians, Camera Assistants, VTR Operator, Data Wrangler and Equipment Transportation. DP Gadget’s space is also open to customers who are interested in conducting camera and equipment testing.

How We Help?

  • Website Design & Development


Our Challenges & Goals

DP Gadget wished to fulfil its mission in providing the customers with an excellent and efficient production with the help of our capability in Website Design and Development. They want to share their latest information on photography and videography equipment, providing a platform for filmmakers to explore and learn from each other via this new website.

How We Helped

DP Gadget website design mockup

Website Design & Development

We assisted DP Gadget in creating a rental website and an online e-commerce platform to support their business. To align our client’s rental website with their business nature, we have specially designed the site with a HUD theme. Upon designing the website, our team has overcome a few great challenges. One of them was to ensure that the HUD design for our client’s website looks cool, futuristic and does not divert its style into a gaming site. We challenged ourselves to customize with the limited layout and filter functionality of our client’s rental platform, the Boogable plugin with the HUD theme. Layout designs for desktops and mobile versions are usually different and implementing the HUD design into a mobile version for our client was another fantastic challenge for us.

The Outcome

Lastly, we helped DP Gadget to create an e-Commerce website, making the rental of photography and videography equipment an easy procedure among visual creatives or enthusiasts. Besides showcasing the overall web pages in a modern high-tech theme, our team has implemented the Progressive Web App (app icon) for mobile users to add DP Gadget’s app on their home screen phone. With this, mobile users can easily access DP Gadget’s website with just a click away.

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