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Heart Of Malaysia


In Malaysia, a new brand, Heart Of MY, operating within the framework of a well-established parent company, is gaining attention with its varied range of products, discreetly adapting its digital footprint. With multiple brands under its umbrella, the company is embarking on a transformative journey, aiming to consolidate its online presence through a unified e-commerce platform. Previously relying on individual websites for distinct brands, the company envisions a comprehensive online marketplace that offers customers the convenience of purchasing all their products from a single destination.

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Our Challenges & Goals

The challenges faced by our client were multi-faceted, ranging from the fragmentation of their online presence across various brand-centric websites to the need for enhanced customer engagement. To address these issues, the goals were set as follows:

Diverse Brands, Separate Websites

Having various brands under its umbrella, the company faced challenges due to the inefficiency of maintaining individual websites for each brand. This situation prompted the need for a consolidated e-commerce platform.

Fragmented Customer Experience

The absence of a single online marketplace made it difficult for customers to have a smooth experience, as they had to navigate through various websites to explore different brands.

Maximising Customer Loyalty

Seeking to foster customer loyalty, a points and rewards system was envisioned, encouraging regular customers to convert purchases into tangible rewards.

Internal Efficiency

Recognising the need for internal cohesion, the company aimed to streamline staff purchases through a dedicated discount system linked to staff email addresses.

Diverse Payment Options

Facilitating smooth transactions was a priority, aimed to offer customers diverse payment methods, catering to the preferences of the Malaysian market.

Streamlined Internal Processes

Integrating the website with the warehouse management system required meticulous attention to detail, ensuring accurate stock management, order fulfilment, and seamless communication between the digital platform and the physical warehouse.

Accurate Product Integration

The tedious task of aligning product photos and SKUs between the website and the warehouse management system was a critical challenge for accurate order fulfilment.

User-Friendly Interface

Implement a product search function, create a frontend user dashboard for customer purchase history, and enhance the overall user experience.


Integrate with Email Octopus for effective communication on the latest news and events. Set up various contact forms for general inquiries and corporate or bulk purchases.

Testing and Security

Conduct rigorous testing, including sandbox accounts for the payment gateway and shipping method, to ensure a smooth transition from development to live.

How We Helped

E-Commerce Marketplace Development

To address these challenges and achieve the outlined goals, our team implemented a comprehensive set of solutions:

Unified E-Commerce Platform
A centralised website was developed, consolidating all brands under one virtual roof, providing customers with a convenient and streamlined shopping experience.

Innovative Rewards System
Beyond the conventional add-to-cart and checkout features, we introduced a points and rewards system, incentivising regular customers by allowing them to convert their purchases into redeemable rewards and allowing frequent purchasers to reap tangible benefits.

Exclusive Staff Discounts
We enabled staff members to access discounts through a dedicated sign-up process, linking their staff emails to the platform and fostering internal engagement and loyalty.

iPay88 Integration
The integration of iPay88 ensured diverse payment methods, catering to the preferences of the Malaysian customer base.

Logistical Excellence
Collaborating with Ninja Van, we integrated their warehouse management system, optimising stocktaking and fulfilment processes. Attention to detail was crucial in ensuring accurate product synchronisation.

User-Centric Design
The frontend user dashboard, product search function, and various contact forms were developed, enhancing user-friendliness and addressing diverse customer needs.

Email Marketing Integration
We integrated Email Octopus via API to keep customers informed, enabling the brand to share the latest news and events directly with its audience.

Customised Contact Forms
Tailored contact forms were designed to accommodate different inquiries, catering to individual customers and corporate clients.

Thorough Testing
Before the official launch, meticulous testing was conducted, including setting up sandbox accounts for the payment gateway and shipping methods, ensuring a flawless and secure user experience.

The Outcome

The transformation from individual brand websites to a unified e-commerce platform marked a milestone in the brand’s journey. With a loyalty-centric approach, streamlined employee benefits, and seamless integration with local payment methods, the brand witnessed a surge in online engagement. The successful integration with iPay88 and Ninja Van solidified the brand’s commitment to meeting customer preferences and ensuring efficient logistical operations. With a user-friendly interface and robust communication channels, the brand is well-positioned to thrive in the dynamic digital landscape, captivating a wider audience and cementing its status as a Malaysian icon.

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