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International Centre for Education in Islamic Finance (INCEIF)

Bridge The Gap Of Financial R&D and Business

International Centre for Education in Islamic Finance (INCEIF) is in collaboration with the i-Connect Fintech in Islamic Finance to nurture a conducive innovation ecosystem in Malaysia, connecting financial R&D and business through knowledge-based innovation projects. This can ensure Malaysia in gaining new economic opportunities among the Malaysian industries to enter new and emerging global markets. Their partnership invites the research community to apply for grants or funding for their studies which focus on the deployment phase, fostering a cluster of talents who will bring ground-breaking Islamic financial solutions.

How We Help?

  • Augmented Reality
  • Collateral Design
  • Virtual Reality
  • Website Design & Development


Our Challenges & Goals

It all began with our partnership with the International Centre for Education in Islamic Finance (INCEIF) in 2020 to create an official website that positions them as the leading institution of Islamic finance education. They wish to highlight their high-calibre programmes that will familiarise students with a wider financial community, enabling them to work in leading financial industries and enterprises. In the following year, INCEIF reached out to us and needed our help in developing a new website that connects the i-Connect Fintech in Islamic Finance to potential researchers. This portal is designated for finance researchers who wish to apply for grants or funding for their studies on Islamic finance. Besides Website Design and Development, we were asked to be involved in Book & Publication Design, bringing their concept to life in the form of a physical book that will engage with a diversity of readers. As their new campus establishes, they seek our help in 3D Video Rendering to showcase their campus buildings and architectures. Following up on this work, the client requested our assistance in planning, designing and creating the promotional material for two new events: the launch and exhibition for their new campus, and the convocation event in 2022. While ambitious, these aims were achievable and were an exciting opportunity to work within a greater budget with more control over the project’s direction.

How We Helped

INCEIF website

Website Design & Development 

Our approach on Website Development for INCEIF and i-Connect has the capabilities to reflect their innovative methodology in the aspects of Islamic finance education and research, positioning them at the forefront of the Islamic finance industry. We utilised cutting-edge design capable of expressing their innovative network in accordance with our client’s vision and missions. Prospective students, potential researchers or other target site audiences are able to find the information they need in an engaging way through key sections or organized subpages on the website. Besides demonstrating their innovative outputs in this new website, we put a great focus on the programme timeline and the step-by-step grant application for researchers. As features of several major events, the client also requested that we create several event-specific microsites and update their primary site with new information. These sites were made with the rest of INCEIF’s design principles in mind, as well as some unique features to make the events stand out.

Book & Publication Design 

Our friendship with INCEIF continues when they are looking for assistance to design their publication on their recent case studies and convocation. We created sophisticated-looking book covers with specific themes that highlight their characteristics with the help of strong typography, vibrant colours and our expertise in design creativity. In addition, our team has delivered a few mock-ups that are both original and unique, matching our client’s requirement to bring an awe-inspiring visual experience to every page for readers. We designed a premium looking convocation book that is worth keeping for future reference and journeying down the memory lane.

3D Video Rendering

INCEIF wishes to showcase the interior of their new campus via a 3D video. Our partnership goes on, and we were tasked to process a collection of 3D materials given by the client. We edited the clips into a full video without compromising any of their resolution, signal definition and colour spaces. Furthermore, elements such as the sponsors’ logo in the final footage.

The Outcome

We effectively organized and designed their new official websites by making them user-friendly while streamlining conversions among potential students and researchers. This can ensure the expansion of industry-led collaborative networks and global reach. In order to simplify the complex application process, we utilized infographics and graphs to provide clear paths to the information and drive action among the site audiences. Through our close collaboration, we supported INCEIF in crafting premium and compelling reading experiences that inspire diverse readers to flip through their books and publications. In addition, we deliver a 3D Video Rendering service and crafted multiple campus tour videos for INCEIF, where viewers get to immerse themselves in the overall ambience that exudes from this full video itself. Through a lengthy development process to determine the best product concept, we were able to propose a design concept that the client approved of and agreed with wholeheartedly. This helped streamline the design process, as the feedback was both positive and constructive of our existing ideas.

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