Digital Marketing Strategies & Services For A BBQ Restaurant

Long Time Ago

Hottest 360° Auto-Revolving BBQ Grill in Penang

At Long Time Ago, BBQ was reinvented with a 360° Auto-Revolving spinning grill and smokeless BBQ experience for BBQ lovers. Auto-revolving spinning grill and smokeless BBQ is not the only fun and interesting experience at Long Time Ago. Long Time Ago is known for its Mongolian flavours that makes customers come back for more BBQ mutton grilling at Gurney Paragon.

How We Help?

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Website Design & Development

Our Challenges & Goals

The strong partnership between Long Time Ago and Kode Digital began when Long Time Ago wished to provide and share their best skewers and momentful dining experiences with all foodies. Hence, Long Time Ago is determined to leverage their online presence and be known as one of the best smokeless and auto grilling BBQ spots in Penang.

How We Helped

Website Design & Development

Long Time Ago has got that burning motivation in Kode Digital to assist Long Time Ago at achieving their digital goals! We have created an attractive and engaging website that showcases a fine and momentful dining experience at Long Time Ago, alongside with exciting write ups on how customers can enjoy the modern 360° BBQ experience. Besides that, we have added a menu page on the unique flavours of BBQ skewers of at Long Time Ago with a call to action Whatsapp button on the side of the every section of the website and a booking reservation on the website to ensure that Long Time Ago’s customers can easily spot the call to action button and make the reservation they look forward to at Long Time Ago.

Social Media Marketing

We collaborate with Long Time Ago in handling their social media platforms; Facebook and Instagram by helping them to manage their social media. Our approach started with capturing pictures of delicious skewers for social media, creating monthly social media posts to keep fans of Long Time Ago updated with their latest promotions, events and new menus as well as running social media ads to build brand awareness. The overall social media feed radiates a sense of excitement and desire to experience the modern 360° BBQ grilling and mouth-watering BBQ skewers that entices food lovers.

The Outcome

With the new digital effort for Long Time Ago, we are happy that our client has achieved significant boost with their brand and sales as they were spotted online for their smokeless auto grilling BBQ and perfect dining experience and environment for celebrations. Now, more food lovers are visiting Long Time Ago’s website and social media to catch up with their latest menu and promotion and to make quick reservations for a perfect dining spot at the restaurant.

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