Website Design & Development & Transcription For A Psychoanalyst

The Magical Mind

Blending Neurology, Traditional Chinese Philosophy, and Western Psychology

The Magical Mind is a unique approach that combines neurology, traditional Chinese philosophy, and Western psychology to provide a deeper understanding of the human mind and promote mindful living. The concept incorporates insights from psychoanalysis and the KHTP Assessment, which has been used for psychological evaluation for over 50 years.

The Magical Mind offers various services, including psychotherapy, KHTP drawing assessments, and educational e-books, to help individuals improve their psychological well-being.

How We Help?

  • Website Design & Development


Our Challenges & Goals

Seeking to go digital with their services, The Magical Mind desired a fresh logo and a clean, crisp website. With that, the partnership between Kode Digital and The Magical Mind was born. To help them spread their message, our team developed a logo design and created a website for them.

How We Helped

Logo Design

Our team generated ideas and created a logo for The Magical Mind. We developed several design options for The Magical Mind to consider, each capturing a different side of the brand’s distinctive identity. This was done by incorporating shapes and colors that align with its core beliefs and vision.

Website Copywriting & Translation

Motivated to refine The Magical Mind’s message to the world, our passionate team at Kode Digital crafted comprehensive website copywriting that effectively captivated and delivered. We have also provided translations to cater to a broader online audience. Now, visitors with no prior knowledge of neurology can effortlessly delve into everything they need to know about The Magical Mind. We’ve ensured that the content is accessible and understandable for everyone, empowering individuals from all backgrounds to explore the wonders of The Magical Mind.

Website Design & Development

With the copywriting in hand, all that remained was designing and developing the website. With our splash of creativity, we’ve developed a visually appealing website with a serene aesthetic. The website was designed with features to handle e-commerce for The Magical Mind’s e-books and KHTP services. This also included automation for analysis, transcription for embedded videos, and automated testimonial posting.

The Outcome

Thanks to Kode Digital’s touch, The Magical Mind now boasts an online presence that hits the spot for them and their audience. They’ve got all the essential contact info and clickable links, making it easy for visitors to find what they need. With the website operational, The Magical Mind has the stable fundamentals to establish their voice online.

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