Game Development for A Well-known Carbonated Soft Drink Brand


In the rapidly evolving business technology landscape, even established brands like Malaysia’s renowned coffee chain are turning to innovative solutions to enhance their operations. Our collaboration with this iconic coffee chain involved leveraging advanced AI technologies to address specific challenges and elevate its digital presence.

How We Help?

  • Website Design & Development

Our Challenges & Goals

Implementing Essential Functionalities

The website required a backend reporting system, sign up and log in features, and a frontend user management system to enable participants to track their points, form teams, and enter product codes seamlessly.

Design Integration

With the event company providing the design, our challenge was to faithfully translate it into a functional website while ensuring optimal performance across various devices.

Leaderboard Development

Creating a dynamic leaderboard was essential for participants to monitor their ranking in real time, adding a layer of competitiveness to the event.

Prize Distribution

Integrating a system to randomly reward participants with vouchers based on product codes posed a challenge. We had to allow the admin to adjust the probability for each prize and implement an inventory tracking system to prevent prize distribution after depletion.

Scalability and User Experience

Ensuring the website could handle a potentially large influx of participants while maintaining a smooth user experience was crucial for the success of the event.

How We Helped

Game Development

Backend Development for Functionality
We meticulously crafted the backend infrastructure to accommodate essential functionalities like reporting, user management, and prize distribution, ensuring smooth operation throughout the event.

Design Implementation
Integrating the provided design, we meticulously translated it into a WordPress website, maintaining visual fidelity while optimising for responsiveness across devices.

Leaderboard Integration
Developing a dynamic leaderboard, we provided participants with a clear view of their standings, fostering competition and engagement throughout the event.

Prize Management System
Designing and implementing a flexible prize management system, we enabled admin control over prize distribution probabilities and ensured accurate inventory tracking to prevent overallocation.

Scalability and Performance
With scalability in mind, we optimised the website performance, ensuring a seamless user experience even under high-traffic conditions.

The Outcome

Through our collaborative efforts with the event company, we successfully delivered a captivating e-sports event management system that not only promoted the client’s product but also fostered engagement and excitement among participants. The integration of innovative features, coupled with seamless functionality and performance, contributed to the event’s success, leaving a lasting impression on both the brand and its audience.

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