Website Development & Maintenance for a Malaysian Restaurant

De.Wan 1958

Chef Wan Group of Restaurants

Chef Wan’s Restaurants – De.Wan Space, Cafe Chef Wan and Chef Wan Restaurants are truly Malaysian modern restaurants and event venues by winning chef and the culinary ambassador for Tourism Malaysia, Datuk Redzuwan Ismail (Chef Wan). The idea of Chef Wan’s Restaurants came about when Chef Wan believed that good food brings people closer together, regardless of culture and background.

How We Help?

  • Email Marketing
  • Website Design & Development


Our Challenges & Goals

Our partnership with Chef Wan Group of Restaurants blossoms as Chef Wan’s business has grown exponentially, with more customers enquiring about making reservations at the Chef Wan Group of Restaurants and eager to know how they can celebrate their important milestones with friends and family. To build upon their success, the client commissioned us to help ensure their expanded business ran smoothly, with new features to facilitate online commerce and the operations of individual outlets.

How We Helped

Website Design & Development

Kode Digital was motivated to assist Chef Wan with the backend system of their website by creating a link to an online reservation system for customers to make their reservations. We have also added a quotation form for all the available celebrations where customers can celebrate important milestones with Chef Wan Group of Restaurants.


Later, a new design was developed for their ‘De.Wan 1958 by Chef Wan’ restaurant. This differentiates from their primary restaurants and cafes, giving the restaurant a more exclusive and luxurious aesthetic. This site would be developed with many features included in their main site, including making online reservations and quotation forms for major events. The new website also allows ordering delivery or self-pick-up from any of their outlets based on location and distance.

Apart from that, we have been assisting Chef Wan Group of Restaurants with their monthly or seasonal updates, such as their pop–up banner promotions, the latest menu and promotions.  

Website Maintenance

As the client’s business expanded to allow for new outlets, they similarly needed to expand the scope of their system to account for these new additions. To assist with this process, Kode Digital assisted in managing their Google My Business profile to ensure their information stayed up-to-date. This meant we were responsible for the Google profiles of both current and upcoming Chef Wan outlets.

Kode Digital also coordinated with their designers and app developers to ensure that their restaurant delivery menus were standardised across different delivery platforms and app versions. This helps maintain the consistency of their e-commerce experience for all customers.

Email Marketing

Sharing is caring. Chef Wan Group of Restaurants has been sharing exciting promotions as well as takeaways during the MCO lockdown period for fellow Malaysians to enjoy their yummy meal safely at home. Kode Digital has helped De. Wan with their email marketing by crafting emails through MailChimp and sending them out to Chef Wan’s loyal fans on the exciting promotions they should not be missing.

The Outcome

With booking and quotation systems installed on De.Wan’s website and email marketing on what loyal customers at Chef Wan Group of Restaurants should stay updated on, Kode Digital has managed to help the client achieve more business and loyal customers and leverage the brand of Chef Wan’s culinary adventure internationally. To support this growth, Kode Digital has also helped to lay the groundwork for the continued expansion of Chef Wan’s business into new outlets and expanded product menus, as well as developing its customer loyalty system with new incentives to its target audience.

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