Content Writing, Website Design & Development For A Storage Facility

U-Stow Brunei

The first Self-Storage Facility in Brunei

U-Stow Brunei is the first self-storage facility in Brunei that provides secure self-storage solutions for personal and businesses. Homes and families can now find a place to store excess belongings that can help free up living spaces in homes and create an organized living environment, free from clutter. Businesses on the other hand, can store increasing stock demand, store inventory, or rent a storage solution to avoid the need of finding a new office location for bigger spaces. U-Stow provides various packing materials from seals and tapes to boxes and wrappings at different sizes.

How We Help?

  • Content Writing
  • Website Design & Development


Our Challenges & Goals

Our joint effort with U-Stow was established when U-Stow requested our assistance to build their brand through the online presence and educate potential customers of their storage services, various packing materials and their unit sizes.

How We Helped

U-Stow Self Storage website design mockup

Website Design & Development

It is undeniable that one of the best ways today to strengthen a brand and increase customer’s awareness is having a website. Without further thought, Kode Digital has built an informative website that is straightforward for page visitors to navigate and easily access needed information from the website. The informative website is simple and direct with essential web pages such as U-Stow’s packaging materials, available unit sizes, FAQs and a call to action page, Contact Us.

Content Writing

U-Stow delivers a range of different packing materials in various unit sizes for different purposes such as for homes and businesses. Therefore, we have simplified and showcased U-Stow’s materials respectively with specific measurements as well as educating customers on the frequently asked questions such as U-Stow’s services, payment related questions, security, rental and contracts.

The Outcome

The joint effort of building U-Stow’s website was a great success. An online presence for U-Stow has significantly improved U-Stow’s brand as a first Self-Storage Facility in Brunei, and has helped a large number of U-Stow’s potential customers when it comes to understanding U-Stow’s services and selecting their preferred size of products.

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