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A Task Lab

Natural Ingredients For Skin Improvement

A Task Laboratory excels in tailoring high-quality and potent formulations across various production scales, from small to large volumes. The A Task team includes proficient biochemists who consistently engage in creative exploration. Their R&D unit comprehends the unique needs and expectations of our customers. They are committed to ensuring our products adhere strictly to quality standards and assurance.

How We Help?

  • Campaign-based Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Ads
  • Social Media Marketing

Our Challenges & Goals

A Task Lab sought our assistance in revitalising their digital marketing approach, focusing on generating high-quality leads for their sales team. Our strategy included the use of compelling social media ads and marketing initiatives, shedding light on their unique selling points and enhancing brand awareness. Additionally, our strategy also covered educating audiences about original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and how to start their own beauty product brand.

How We Helped

Social Media Marketing

At Kode Digital, we redefine brand narratives through strategic Social Media Marketing. While working with A Task Lab, we helped to improve the quality of their social media content to improve brand awareness across their platforms. This included product spotlight posts that highlighted our client’s services and expertise, emphasising the quality of these services and promoted their special offers. Our Social Media Marketing approach doesn’t just create posts; it crafts experiences that resonate with your audience, creating quality leads for their sales team.

Social Media Ads

Kode Digital executed a series of targeted Social Media Ads for A Task Lab on Meta, ensuring that each campaign was tailored to reach the right audience at the right time. Our precision targeting maximised the reach of the brand’s message across all platforms. Furthermore, Kode Digital is continuing to run an ongoing ad campaign for A Task on Meta to continue improving brand awareness and to educate audiences about OEMs to create their own beauty products.

Campaign-based Social Media Marketing

To meet the client’s goal of generating more leads for their sales team, Kode Digital took the opportunity to provide a more precise marketing strategy that focussed on this goal. This offered A Task a cost-effective solution to reach their goal for the duration of their marketing campaign, with flexibility for modifications.

The Outcome

A Task Lab’s digital transformation journey with Kode Digital resulted in improved brand awareness and a greater quantity of effective leads for their sales team. Our comprehensive approach to social media ads and marketing not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations, creating lasting experiences for their audience and establishing a foundation for continued success.

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