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HH Rooftop Bar

Happy Hours with 360° Panoramic View of Island

HH M Summit 191 Rooftop Bar is perched atop the 23-storey M Summit Hotel in Jalan Magazine, Penang, Malaysia. HH in “HH M Summit 191 Rooftop Bar”, which aptly stands for “Happy Hours”, is a perfect spot for a spectacular 360° panoramic view of George Town city. It is a sundown spot to unwind and savour cocktails, as well as the best seats in town to enjoy a visual feast of the fireworks display during festive countdowns.

How We Help?

  • Website Design & Development

Our Challenges & Goals

We connected with HH M Summit 191 Rooftop Bar when they requested our help in Website Design & Development that will enhance their online presence and set them apart from their competitors. They want an official website that showcases their menu in a presentable way, and at the same time, inspires actions among site visitors to make reservations. In addition, HH M Summit 191 Rooftop Bar needed our help in crafting something that is fun and chill visually in the overall website design.

How We Helped

Social Media Management

We collaborate with the HH M Summit 191 Rooftop Bar in handling their social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. We create engaging content alongside call-to-action writings and eye-catching creatives that are attention-grabbing among target audiences, updating them with the latest news, updates, promotions, events and other special happenings at the HH M Summit 191 Rooftop Bar. The overall social media feed radiates a sense of fun, youthfulness and excitement of nightlives, attracting social media audiences with the same interests to book their happy hours in advance.

Website Design & Development

Our approach on Website Design & Development for HH M Summit 191 Rooftop Bar is to create a customizable website and in order to gain more visibility in the market. We gave our client sophisticated web pages that will potentially and emotionally connect with new or existing customers islandwide. A touch of neon here and there exudes a fun and chill vibe, ensuring we create an official website with the best flow and content that fits the behaviour of their potential site audiences throughout the website.

The Outcome

A short video was attached to the website to show new local and international visitors the venue before visiting them. The main purpose of the website is for people to make reservations. Therefore, the Call-To-Action buttons must be very appealing to get the user’s attention. A menu and reservation page were added to the website to educate the audience of the wide choices of drinks our client provides, which ultimately leads to the call to action. Besides, a gallery page and Instagram feed plug-in were included on the site to ensure that page visitors of HH M Summit 191 Rooftop Bar are updated with their upcoming events. All and all, the official website brings HH M Summit 191 Rooftop Bar peace of mind, knowing that the automated reservation feature provides new or existing customers accessibilities and conveniences.

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