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Nomura Asset Management Malaysia

Japanese Roots and Global Reach

Nomura Asset Management Malaysia Sdn. Bhd and Nomura Islamic Asset Management Sdn. Bhd. are the Malaysian subsidiary companies of a global asset management business, Nomura Asset Management Co., Ltd. Nomura started its business in 1959, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan and expanded its business in Asia in the late 1980s. Today, Nomura Asset Management has a global presence via its 13 offices worldwide. Nomura aims to deliver the best possible investment performance for investors whilst fulfilling their fiduciary responsibilities through enriching our society with their expertise in the capital market and as a trust partner.

How We Help?

  • Corporate Videos
  • Social Media Ads
  • Website Design & Development


Our Challenges & Goals

As a global asset business management organization, Nomura’s professionalism is an important aspect of the business to attract global potential investors. Apart from Nomura’s professionalism, Nomura aims to educate their potential investors as well as existing loyal investors with their expertise at a first glance. As such, the client requested that we provide content for them, as well as to review and update their existing content to be more streamline

How We Helped

Nomura Malaysia Website Mockup

Website Design & Development 

Website is the most important source when it comes to researching and understanding a brand. Therefore, to assist our client, Nomura at educating their customers with their expertise while upholding their degree of professionalism, the Kode Digital team has produced website copies, wire frames as visual ideas for the website’s design, source for the right professional images and most importantly, ensured that the website is user-friendly with the right call to action buttons or annual statistic reports for page visitors.

Storyboard mockup for Nomura Asset Management's 15th Anniversary

Corporate Videos 

The ability to capture audience attention within a matter of seconds can be tough but this is where videos become helpful. While visually appealing photos would make users stop to understand and figure the message, videos hold attention 5 times more than still photos and are able to convey direct and clear messages compared to photos. Therefore, to assist Nomura at educating their customers on their expertise and services, Kode Digital has produced corporate videos for Nomura, with the working stages of producing video scripts and video edits. Additionally, Kode Digital has also helped to build upon some of Nomura’s existing content, updating the video highlighting their 15th anniversary with new additions and information.

Social Media Ads

Maintaining a regular social media presence is essential for modern businesses to stay relevant. Kode Digital was tasked with producing content that Nomura could then post to their social media at their own discretion. To achieve this, Kode provided the client with a mixed medium of content designed to present their services and company background in a way that was optimised and designed for viewing on social media.

Collateral Design

To supplement the launch of Nomura’s new funds, Kode Digital was tasked with designing additional print material for the client to promote and provide information for their new initiatives. These included brochures and placemats to be distributed during its launch event and archived on the website as downloadable references. Our team created these designs utilising the visual elements and information that Nomura provided to create comprehensive and serviceable prints of exceptional quality.

The Outcome

Kode Digital’s website design and development as well as video marketing solution has offered Nomura a great opportunity to educate and communicate their expertise and services in a way that is simple and understandable. Adding on to that, Kode Digital’s strategy has enabled Nomura to attract more potential visitors to the website as well as update loyal investors with the latest insights and reports of the market. The additions Kode has made to Nomura’s existing videos have also helped the client to more accurately display the present nature of their services, as well as some of their recent achievements.

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