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QSL Luxury Car Rental & Recon Car

Making Luxury Accessible To All

As its name suggests, QSL Luxury Car Rental & Recon Car is a company that offers luxury car rentals and recon car services. With their aim of making high-class cars an option for regular people, their affordable pricing, blended with their abundance of VIP-class services, makes for an unforgettable luxury experience. Specializing in multi-purpose vehicles or MPVs, they don’t lack spacious and comfortable cars lining their lots.

How We Help?

  • Social Media Management

Our Challenges & Goals

Our collaboration with QSL Luxury Car Rental & Recon Car began when the client wanted to establish their identity in the digital world. QSL aims to enhance its brand awareness among potential leads and establish a powerful brand position in the market with its unique VIP-level services. Following this, our team took to brainstorming content for their social media and ran ads that drove leads to them.

How We Helped

Social Media Management

We’ve helped QSL Luxury Car Rental & Recon Car manage their social media platforms: Facebook and Instagram. To make their brand image stand out and make their social media feed more attractive to the market, our team created call-to-action content with beautiful visuals that drove engagement.

Our overall content focuses on the unique selling points of QSL’s services, facts about cars worldwide, and even comparisons and ratings for different vehicles. Now, netizens can learn about their cars just by following their official platforms.

Social Media Ads

Our advertising campaigns for QSL Luxury Car Rental & Recon Car are explicitly tailored to their goal of generating quality leads, targeting people who are interested in luxury cars and those likely to use their services. We used video ads that introduced the brand to the public.


Besides static posts, we also used short-form videos to breathe new life into QSL’s social media feed and ads. Our team was tasked with creating the storyboards for the videos, filming and editing the videos. To that extent, we’ve delivered videos that clearly establish the brand’s image and introduce the company’s unique and varied services to the masses.

Before the video shoot, we found our cast of freelance actors through Facebook and planned the locations. Despite frequent setbacks (i.e. bad weather), our team’s quick thinking and improvisation ensured we could still shoot quality scenes. During post-production, the video editing team spent a great deal of effort perfecting every detail down to the letter to truly bring out the brand’s unique identity.

The Outcome

With Kode Digital’s help, QSL Luxury Car Rental & Recon Car now has an active online presence that suits their and customers’ needs. With their Facebook page and Instagram account gaining a healthy amount of page likes and followers, QSL’s digital presence now has a solid foundation which will provide a strong start in growing their social media even more, increasing their brand awareness, and ultimately boosting their company’s revenue.

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