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MegaScreen by IDS Beyond Media

Bringing Creative Content to Life via Digital Display

MegaScreen by IDS Beyond Media Sdn Bhd is one of the most sought-after service providers for digital signage or display, system integrators and automation services. They provide indoor and outdoor digital signage displays of any screen resolutions, including LED. According to the clients’ needs and budgets, they can choose from IDS’ large-format LED digital display, commercial LCD and digital signage. Moreover, they pride themselves in providing some of the first-ever services or products for brands in need, making IDS a pioneer company in Malaysia for digital signage display solutions.

How We Help?

  • Creative Writing
  • SEO


Our Challenges & Goals

With its growing expertise in new technologies and innovation, especially their latest MegaScreen Series – indoor and outdoor LED display in large format, MegaScreen by IDS Beyond Media Sdn Bhd sought our expertise in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to bring this new service to light among potential clients. Apart from that, they wish to expand their existing customer base. Therefore, they come to us with a website ready and need help in fixing all the website’s segments that affect its site ranking.

How We Helped

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

From their previous website content, our team came up with a new site structure and sections to ensure search engine friendly navigation. In addition, we beautify its content with a smart yet warm tone of voice that allows IDS to showcase its services in a comprehensible way without downplaying its USP. Finally, other factors such as description meta tags, page errors and responsiveness are examined from an SEO-perspective.

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Creative Writing

To create an archive of their projects and showcase their work to future clients, IDS created a portfolio page on their website to list previous projects. We assisted them by writing the content for each project portfolio according to their specifications. The detail provided for the portfolio pages helps IDS newcomers and potential clients understand the function and form of their past projects.

The Outcome

Needless to say, MegaScreen by IDS Beyond Media Sdn Bhd has made the right choice to seek our holistic SEO service. As a result, we successfully upgrade their website content, structure, navigation, and responsiveness, which factors in the client’s overall SEO. Moreover, we shine a spotlight on their latest MegaScreen Series service so their potential customers can browse seamlessly to know more, keeping them at the forefront of their market. The addition of detailed records of their past projects also helps lend to the client’s credibility and service quality, ensuring that they remain in the good graces of their stakeholders.

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