Branding Strategies For A Dental Clinic in Bangsar South

Strawberry & Champ Dental Care

Breaking Free from the Norm of Dentist Industry

Strawberry & Champ Dental Care is a friendly, green and comfortable dental clinic by Dr Winnie Ong. Unlike any other traditional dentistry, Strawberry & Champ Dental Care breaks free from the norm and strives to become a one-of-a-kind dentist clinic. Dr Winnie Ong and her friendly team prioritise gentle and pain-free dental treatment, providing each and every one of their patients with beautiful sets of teeth. In addition, they possess the passion for assuring their patients with the utmost gentle care. So they will be leaving the dentist clinic with joy, knowing that their teeth are well taken care of.

How We Help?

  • Branding

Our Challenges & Goals

With the aim not to keep up but to lead, Strawberry & Champ Dental Care reached out for our holistic branding service. They wish to have a logo that fully represents their values and persona. So we are needed to create something that symbolises the passion in what they do best and their welcoming vibe that flows throughout the dentist clinic. In addition, we understand the power of logo design that will subconsciously occupy target customers’ minds. And in this case, we want our client’s potential patients not just to stand out but also be curious about how Strawberry & Champ Dental Care is as unique as it is.

How We Helped


By integrating a creative concoction of strategic components merging with a splash of creativity, our design team was inspired by their stories and combined the elements of

  • a tooth that symbolises their industry in dentistry
  • a champagne flute that signifies joy and sophistication; and also
  • a strawberry that stands for passion and love.

Our combination of a tooth, champagne flute and strawberry comes with vibrant colours that exude a sense of warmth and welcoming tie their logo together as a whole. In addition, we used the font “Poppins” as the typography because it is minimalist and edgy, providing a clear and concise message without overpowering the logo design in general.

The Outcome

We have created a few logos for Strawberry & Champ Dental Care for their cherry-picked. Our logo designs line-up is presented neatly in a PowerPoint file, alongside our designer’s rationale behind the logo. This allows our client to have a better insight into how we craft their logo and what every stroke or curve represents. In addition, we ensure the logo we provide aligns with their brand voice and values. Without a doubt, this logo catches passers-by attention and curiosity, connecting the dots between this dentistry and their target customer. This logo for Strawberry & Champ Dental Care has the ability to separate itself from competitors in the same dentistry sector.

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