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Trendy Creature is a curated jewellery boutique based in Australia that specialises in women’s accessories. Their products are categorised into themed or seasonal ‘collections’ and sold individually or as a matching set. These collections are carefully selected based on Trendy’s philosophy of bringing chic, stylish and fresh designs to their customers.

How We Help?

  • Website Design & Development


Our Challenges & Goals

Trendy Creature has been in business for several years, primarily marketing to their local market in Australia. However, the store’s website needs optimisation in order to improve its user experience and integrate new payment methods into its online store. To do this, the client requested that we help them create an updated home website for them. Specifically, the client wanted us to improve the website’s shopping feature and link it to their Instagram presence to make the homepage more user-friendly and products more accessible.

How We Helped

trendy creature homepage screenshot

Website Design & Development

Improving the client’s website design and function was a challenging task, but with the help of the Trendy Creature team and Studio Disenos, we accomplished what we set out to do. We were able to integrate an interactive Shoppable Instagram Feed into the website’s layout with the use of the extension app ‘Sauce by Snapppt’. With it, visitors can find the Trendy Creature Instagram page and view items listed on their Instagram store in real-time. 

We also updated the shop’s shopping features to accept payment through Afterpay and Paypal. This way, customers have more options with how they wish to pay for the products they want, and customers that favour those payment methods will have more reason to shop with them. Kode Digital also works closely with Trendy Creature’s development teams to help with launching new collections, send out newsletters and generate new coupon codes.

Finally, we updated the homepage banners to have interactive animations that link directly to the individual products displayed. These minor changes make the site more user-friendly and easier for visitors to navigate to the products they want.


The Outcome

As a result of the improvements made to the website, the Trendy Creature homepage is now more user-friendly and appeals to a broader range of online shoppers. Integrating Afterpay and Paypal as acceptable means of payment incentivises customer interaction with the site’s store page and the interactive Instagram feed and animated banner hotspots provide greater engagement. Kode Digital is still working closely with the client to continue providing a regular flow of content and to maintain the site.

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