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The Inquirer.

Ever since I was young, I was more withdrawn, reclusive, and private than my peers. Growing up, my mother was an English teacher who taught me her love of language and literary knowledge. I was exceptionally brilliant at the language and started traversing the realm of literature. Exploring the world through books was my escape as an estranged child. I would spend hours and hours reading encyclopedias about mushrooms and birds, then horror fiction.

I would read, write and draw endlessly to pass the time and escape. Days, weeks, months, and then years passed. I was finally free to question and question endlessly. To ask, “Why aren’t we allowed to do this?” “-or that?”, “Why is it illegal?”, “-or legal?”. Soon, more unrestricted knowledge was available in my then-college library. I learned the art of enlightenment, the history of Buddhism, the feminist movement & revolution, the revolt against patriarchy, Darwinism, and Jungian philosophy.

Your Early 20s Is Your Character Development Era.

After graduating from UPSI with a Diploma in English, I developed a more mediator approach and would soon voice my convictions over podiums. I would preach, talk, question, and debate. I loved the exchange of ideas with my fellow peers and respected scholars.

It was a dream come true.

My love for knowledge and for finding the truth never faded. It only grew; I was no longer a bystander but an active participant during my internship at a non-government organization, Ecoknights, at TTDI Kuala Lumpur. I explored digital marketing, scriptwriting, proposal writing, and the back end of live streams. I loved the potential, the newness, and the rapid technological advancement. We were so quick on our feet, even though it was the first time anyone in the room had experienced a pandemic outbreak.

We were careful, thorough, and experimental, exploring digitally how to spread our message and keep the organization relevant when the planet is squandered into their rooms and houses due to contagion. I would then find similar work and environments post-internship, trying to replicate and double down on the skills I learned in that limited time. I worked in retail, then as a freelance digital marketer and content writer for a furniture company, then at the back end of a retail furniture company, and finally at Kode Digital.

Lesson after lesson, I was too busy to sit down and ask myself what I liked. What would I want to pursue? All the questions I’ve been asking and answering were about the state of the world and complicated psyche-deconstructing mantras. Finding my husband forced me out of my comfort zone and taught me the planet I romanticized is not a mere idea; they’re there, and we can hike in the forest every week to see the Langur and feel the weight of our bodies climbing the hill.

Answers come when you stop looking so hard and questioning so much. My husband and I sought solace and a safe space to grow. After learning about losses and failures, I wanted to learn something different. I want to conquer, empower and win! I think life is mainly of updating existing knowledge with more optimized knowledge: a constant and never-ending reconstruction and reprogramming of the psyche.

To err is human, to er… Improve is a choice.

I enrolled in a Data Analytics course while freelancing and married soon after. I decide to make the best of the marriage and learn to live again while pursuing something I like and cherish. Digital marketing is something that I enjoy learning and improving at. I never had the chance to learn digital marketing properly; all I had were rough ideas, enough to get me by those days. Now I am allowed to learn and improve what I like. I can say now that I am blessed to be where I am today.

My challenge is improving my skills and keeping the hiccups and mistakes from pulling me back to where I was. My grand wish is to be of service to humanity, but for the time being, I’m content just being of service to Kode Digital, its quaint team, and its clients. My challenge is myself; my weaknesses are skills I have yet to develop and refine, my strengths waiting beyond the horizon to be explored and recognized. I only see potential, not just in myself, but in everyone and everything else.

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